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Monaco Slide Maint/Repair Review

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Last year I had Chris T. of Talin Mfg measure our coach for some replacement awnings while at the Rambli'n Pushers MS rally in 2016. He also inspected our slides. The bedroom slide was in need of some recaulking, but otherwise in good shape. We did discuss the Guardian Plates being something for the future. I did order and install them late summer 2016 for the Bedroom slide. I had Chris measure the living room slide at the 2017 MS rally as well as the bedroom slide for the plates for the rollers since there was signs of some wear from the rollers. I also wanted to be proactive and prevent problems. I put about 8 hours into the work over 2 days.
I finished installing everything last week and was an fairly simple job if you have good mechanical skills.
Key things:
This will eliminate any chance of slide floor rot that Monaco products are susceptible to.
They look very good and give things a fresh updated look.
The slides are actually quieter with the Guardian plates when moving in or out!
They also run much smoother and sound as if the motor is having an easier time moving things.
I highly recommend them!
I also found out as I worked on the install that I have one of the Monaco experimental flush floor slides with rollers after the lift blocks instead of a glide bar.

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It would be nice if you provided a link to the product that you are describing.  You can find Guardian Plates by searching but it doesn't come up as the first choice.  I had never heard of these.  I constructed my own and installed just a few weeks ago.  Thanks for the post with the information.

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Tom, what was your slide rollers running on before?

Our bedroom is running on stainless steel plates, the left side of the kitchen runs on the tile and the right side is running on a stainless steel plate (carpet under the plate). I thought it was made that way.

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