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Class C Battery Charging

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We have a 2015 Winnebago/Itasca Cambria.

In between camping trips we store it where I can plug one electrical extension cord.

Our RV has three(3) batteries. One(1) for the Engine and two(2) batteries for the house. Are the two systems isolated? If I connect an electrical two-way Y adapter, is it OK to charge the two battery systems with separate chargers, powered from the same cord? Thanks 

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

Most coaches charge the house battery bank from the original equipment converter or inverter/charger.  Easy to verify with a voltmeter.  Check voltage before plugging in and then after plugging in.

Most coaches do not charge the chassis battery from this charger. Again, verify with a voltmeter.

And absolutely no problem if you find that the chassis battery is not charged to use a SMART small charger to keep that battery charged.

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Treebark. Welcome to the forum !

What model of the ones below matches your unit? Let the Forum know and then the members can offer some detailed information.

Click on the link and you can get the proper wiring PDF files for your coach.


Cambria (700)

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