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Driver side slide, will not come in

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I had the coach at John's garage yesterday.  One's I was level on Jacks, not air, the slide went in/out/in, no problem.  It does need a fix to get the floor bow out.  It's bowed in the middle of slide length, reason is the fridge is leaning forward and there is a center wall that is a brace for the oversize 16' 6" slide!  The coach is going back to John Oct. 12.  Estimated fix is 2 days and $700+/- $100.  TCC was 6 to 8 weeks out and estimate was extensive renovation & $2,000+.  MH of Texas, was 8 weeks out & cost unknown!

The slide has 5, 4" rollers now and will have another 10" roller under fridge and replace the wood that has the bow in it. Fridge will be blocked, so it will not lean forward.  John has 21 VIP Prevost Limo bus's and have done the conversion in house...they range from 2004-2016 & sleep 4 to 16!

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