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Hydraulic Cooling Motors update

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It is almost a full time job keeping up the information on the OEM suppliers as they are bought out ! and merge with other companys 

 This information is no longer supported 



Side cooling systems are very common and these links might be of help for getting them serviced and or repaired. 

        Many of the OEM Danfoss Hydraulic motors self destructed - internal motor veins deteriorate and the entire system must be flushed  

This is the up dated information I have found or have on file

               https://www.informationvine.com/index?qsrc=999&qo=semQuery&ad=semD&o=603917&l=sem&askid=628fe355-5d54-472b-8973-c12e2894edc3-0-iv_gsb&q=danfoss company&dqi=&am=broad&an=google_s    

Second link that might help find info or replacement



             Sauer-Danfoss Pump information, you will need, copied from the OEM pump installed.

              Sample information only

Date code: 09ddcd3

Type code: 551101303210

Note! Each pump is custom and setup to match the OEM specifications.

                 This is the current information.

         When the pump information listed was used when contacting them – a Replacement pump that was setup to match the OEM unit - shipped in about 2 weeks. Sure hope it will still happen. We did contact a location in Fl. 

Contact Us

Hydraulic.net, LLC


6980 US-1 #107
St. Augustine, FL 32095

Phone: 630-543-7630

Toll Free: (877) 574-8197

Fax: (630) 543-7631

                          Contact Us  To fill out a Quote Link https://hydraulic.net/contact/     

The PDF Files are ones that where saved before all the latest changes in the corporate structure 

 Possible sources for Hydraulic Fan Motors.  


The pump must match the current or OEM unit, so asking questions is a must !




SGM2Y, and 3Y hydraulic motors l1022491.pdf


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As I stated, I do not have much to work with.  It will take a hot wrench to remove the old.  I could then replace with all thread and a spacer and poly bushings, but not sure it is worth the bother unless replacements cost an arm and a leg.

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