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  1. 10-4 on all that. Spent 10 days in Rapid City SD paying for someone else's education. Have grandchildren that, in my mind, will only be flipping burgers, no income in video games.
  2. Afordeck

    Lost bushings

    I purchased OEM bushings, installed them and everything is fine.
  3. I also endorse RV cams. Worked with me a lot to retrofit a bw camera with existing cable
  4. I will also endorse Tire Minder. I have had a couple of failures, replaced, no argument. Also picked up new batteries in Gillette no charge.
  5. Had an ECM replaced last summer, mileage went to 0. Serviceman entered correct mileage. I cannot believe a serviceman could not back up the displayed mileage just as easily
  6. As I stated, I do not have much to work with. It will take a hot wrench to remove the old. I could then replace with all thread and a spacer and poly bushings, but not sure it is worth the bother unless replacements cost an arm and a leg.
  7. Afordeck

    Lost bushings

    Thanks. Probably go OEM at Freightliner. Bolts and nuts rusted beyond use.
  8. Afordeck

    Lost bushings

    In front of the front axle is a U shaped bar that spans the frame. The tails of the U are toward the front. The tails are anchored to the frame with a long bolt (althread) starting with bushings, the U tail, , a 7" spacer, bushings at the frame. The frame bushings are gone. Has anyone encountered this, where can you get bushings. I can easily recreate a new one if I can source the bushings.
  9. Been running Double Coins on the back last 10k. No problems. A local tire dealer made me one heck of a deal, half the price of popular brands. I am running Firestone on the steer tires.
  10. Update. Just took my coach to Cummins for oil change. They discovered carbon deposits on exhaust gas sensor tube (Rapid City changed the sensor twice) and a leaking valve cover where they cracked a fitting. Plan on mailing them pictures, but I doubt they will feel much of a need to respond.
  11. Have used an inexpensive dash camera for several years. Found on the internet, has a suction cup for mounting. Worried mostly about being cut off by semi causing damage. They will probably go their merry way leaving me with the mess. At least I will have a record of the event, hopefully the license will be legible.
  12. Been there, done that. Last April ran 40 towards AZ, darn near got blown off the road. Laid up 4 days extra in Williams to let the weather settle before heading back east.
  13. Found a great video on YouTube changing fluid on Allison 3000. Looks like a piece of cake. I grew up on the farm, but transmissions were off limits, but Allison appears to have made this serviceable. Thanks for the encouragement to do it myself. Too hot here now to crawl under an RV. I'll tackle it when the weather breaks.
  14. Changing xion fluid as routine maintenance. Has nothing to do with check engine call, separate issue.
  15. Yeah, two fuel filters on this and they total around a $100. I believe the lift pump would cool down while waiting so we thought it was a filter issue originally. Before the final breakdown, I changed both of them myself in a rest area and the engine was still starved. We cut a filter apart in the shop prior to changing lift pump and it was clean.
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