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Atwood Oven door adjustment

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Hi everyone,

I have an Atwood Wedgewood Vision Stove top and oven and I haven't used the oven much till I became a full-timer 2 years ago.  At first everything was going great but I did start to notice that the oven door was not closing 100% and letting the heat escape.  Recently I had an issue where I went to adjust the temp of the oven and the temp know just twisted in my hand and came off... the neat escaping from the gap in the oven door had melted the center shaft and now the know will not even fit.  The next week the same thing happened but on the other side to the spark knob.  Now I have 2 knobs that don't fit.

I don't want to just buy new knobs and the same thing happened again.  Before I do that I would like to adjust the door hinges so all the heat will be captured and held inside the oven.

Does anyone know how to adjust the hinges on the oven door? 

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Hi Rich,

Thank you so much for the manual, in looking it over it might be a bit much for me.  So I think I will search out an RV person who can work on this for me while I am in Yuma for the winter season.  I especially want to thank you for the most important piece of information the time it would take to repair for a qualified service tech... that is I would like to see more fixes come with.

Again, thanks for the help.

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