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  1. Hi, Prefer to Flat tow a toad but open to suggestions to modify car or ??? I'm tired of flat towing boring and uncomfortable cars... Time for a change... I'd love to tow a late 90's MBz SL500, or an SL380 or SL450 (all rear wheel drive)? I figure as they are automatic, wish MBz made manuals, (but nothing since the old Diesels & wagons) they are a no go! I also like late 90's Jaguar convertibles… similar issues (no manuals)(rear wheel drive)… so I think that the tow dolly is not an option! Are there any mods that can be made to make it any of these work apart from a flat bed trailer. As a third choice how about a classic 60's or 70's car (preferably manual) as a toad? But that would cost more than my budget unless I can get lucky! Yeah right! :-( Being retired and on SSI I've got a limited budget. I'd like to keep the cost to $5000 or LESS!!! Or trade my clean 1998 Honda CRV with new paint and an replacement engine with less than 90k on it. Would love to hear any suggestions for a car (convertible).. or tow method... or car mod...! Thanks to everyone in advance for your time.
  2. Thanks but its a bit out of my way and budget... but at least I now know what it does cost... good starting place... thanks
  3. That is an option but with today's sensitive on again off again issue I am dubious... but that is am option I am considering. Thanks
  4. Hi Folks, I know I have read threads on here on this subject but most were 3-5 years old and times and technology is moving so fast these days. So here is my question... I have a '97 Fleetwood Discovery 36ft and the "Go Faster Strips" are faded and the clear coat I had sprayed 4 years ago is peeling badly (do not think it was prepped properly, but that is history). Q? Which is better and most cost effective resolution to brighten the coach? Have decals removed and replaced? Have decals removed and paint entire coach (2 color w/no stripes)? Have the entire coach wrapped? other suggestions? I don't think I am up to the task of prepping or doing much, if any, of the work myself. Being retired and on SSI budget is a big issue so cost vs. quality is a dismal target! What sort of budget should I be looking at and time frame? I Look forward to your suggestions and thoughts. If anyone actually has a shop recommendation that would be great. Thanks folks for the effort.
  5. RayIN - Thanks tried that one and after about 2-3 weeks it was back to its ugly self again... but thanks for the suggestion. Richard5933 - Wow! That is detailed and one of my possible solutions. Thank you for the details now I know how to do it I can plan better knowing tht it has been done before. WildeBill - Thanks for your suggestion too.
  6. Hi folks, I have a '97 Fleetwood Discovery, the water heater was replaced by the previous owner about 7 years ago. I have recently been experiencing an ongoing issue with the water heater... it will cycle as expected as long as I am using the water, shower, laundry, dishes, then after no use for a few hours (usually over night) it will shut down. I have to fire it up by using the override switch on the control panel. OR the water heater is overheating the water and shuts down. I have to fire it again from the control panel. I have had the sensors changed several times as well as the control board on the heater, several times. We removed the Winterizing valve system. The burner has been cleaned. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we have missed in our diagnostics and need to change?
  7. Hi Carl C, It is hard finish not a soft pliable rubbery finish. Since the car is a `98 and not worth much I don't want to pour a bunch of money into it. Just spruce it up a bit. I could take it to a body shop to paint it, or buy replacement parts, but neither of those appeal to the pocketbook! I'm hopeful of a cheap, quick, and easy way of refinishing the Trim. Thanks for your response though.
  8. Hi, My TOAD is a `98 Honda CRV and all the plastic trim has turned milky. I've tried several high end products all of which failed miserably, within 2 weeks all the products I tried had failed and the plastic trim is back to its milky color and very dull finish. There are dozens of videos on YouTube showing one product after another but none show what the car and its trim looks like 2 weeks later. Does anyone have any good, or bad, as long as it works on how to get it back to a Black luster finish? Thanks in advance to all who respond.
  9. Hi Rich, Thank you so much for the manual, in looking it over it might be a bit much for me. So I think I will search out an RV person who can work on this for me while I am in Yuma for the winter season. I especially want to thank you for the most important piece of information the time it would take to repair for a qualified service tech... that is I would like to see more fixes come with. Again, thanks for the help.
  10. For years I have been using a NetGear WN2000RPTv2 network extender as my internal private Wi-Fi network and internet connector. It has finally failed and gone to electronics heaven or is that the cloud! Does anyone have any suggestions on what a good product is to replace it with? What it was doing for me was giving me the ability to... connect to an Access Point for internet connectivity, create my own private Wi-Fi, give me router functionality connect my Western Digital MyCloud device to it distribute my entertainment (movies, music, pictures etc.) throughout the coach.
  11. Hi everyone, I have an Atwood Wedgewood Vision Stove top and oven and I haven't used the oven much till I became a full-timer 2 years ago. At first everything was going great but I did start to notice that the oven door was not closing 100% and letting the heat escape. Recently I had an issue where I went to adjust the temp of the oven and the temp know just twisted in my hand and came off... the neat escaping from the gap in the oven door had melted the center shaft and now the know will not even fit. The next week the same thing happened but on the other side to the spark knob. Now I have 2 knobs that don't fit. I don't want to just buy new knobs and the same thing happened again. Before I do that I would like to adjust the door hinges so all the heat will be captured and held inside the oven. Does anyone know how to adjust the hinges on the oven door?
  12. They have stepped up and gave me a whole bunch off the final engine rebuild cost. I think I have done okay but if I have to put new carpet and a new mattress then I will be on the loosing side. I hope I don't have to replace it all!
  13. Hi, I recently had an In-Frame engine rebuild (new pistons) work done on my Discovery's Cummins engine. After the work was completed the carpet in the bedroom was covered in grease and diesel. I have had it professionally cleaned but I still get a strong smell of diesel as soon as I step into the bedroom. I think what happened was that when they first fired up the engine there was a fuel leak that sprayed diesel all over everything. I think it also might have got onto the bottom of the mattress. Anyway; my questions is does anyone know of a cure for that horrible diesel fuel small in the bedroom so I can get some better sleep? I have tried the air freshener sprays and they only work for a few hours at best then the diesel fuel small is back. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Squire Dude
  14. Thanks again to all who and contributed possible solutions to my problem. Because of cost and it actually looks nice I am favoring the Honda CRV. My question now is to "flat tow" do you suggest... Manual? Automatic? AWD? I don't have a preference and of course manual is not an issue for me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  15. I would like to thank everyone who has chimed in and give me lots of really good suggestions. Now that I have a list of vehicles I can sell my current car (2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible, tows well but has very low ground clearance on the hitch). My previous toad was a 1991 Mazda Miata and I never knew it was there as it was so light! Got rid of it as I was getting a bit to heavy (fat) to get in and out of it! :-) Great toad car though for the younger or more agile set. Thanks again to everyone for your contributions
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