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Windshield cracked

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51 minutes ago, waynemcisaac said:

Wondering if a small crack in windshield that is not through the whole glass can be filled or will have to be replaced. Our insurance has 4000 deductible 

The answer depends on the state inspection requirements for one and the second depends on where the crack is located and its present length. 

Some cracks can be stopped by drilling a small hole at the end of a crack and then injecting some clear epoxy at that point - kind of like fixing a stone chip before it spider webs.

That kind of repair is covered by some glass converges or a fee of 60 to 80 dollars in others.

Think it would be worth checking with an RV glass repair center and asking why the glass (Sounds Like it has a Stress fracture)


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Our insurance covers the repairs in full if they are less than a certain size. Usually if they are less than the size of a quarter repair is possible, but that applies to damage due to gravel or other debris. I'm thinking that if the crack is due to a stress fracture it probably won't be repairable. Those cracks usually develop from out outer edge in.

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