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parts for manual slide out on keystone outback 23rs

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I have a 2007 keystone outback 23rs with a manual slide out.  Meaning you go outside the trailer, attach two rails to the back of the trailer and then grab hold of handles and pull the the slideout out.  This works just fine and the rest of the trailer is in good condition.  Unfortunately the two rails were left behind on the last camping trip.  We've gone back to the site, no luck. Keystone says they only supply replacement parts through their dealers, and even the the dealer they gave me the slideoutpict.pdfslideoutpict.pdfslideoutpict.pdfslideoutpict.pdfslideoutpict.pdfname of as a 'really good' dealer for supplying part says: "they are no longer making the rails, They don't make parts for trailers over 10 years old. Too bad, guess you'll just have to buy a new trailer"!  Does any one have any ideas where I might find replacement rails?  I can't use the trailer without them since the slide out covers up the dining area when closed and is currently covering access to the pump so I can't winterize the trailer. I've attached a picture that shows the slideout and the rails underneath to make it easier to know what I'm talking about.

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Kimberlytene, Welcome to the FMCA Forum !

You might find a machine shop that could make the rails and the support arms if needed. You will need some good measurements.

    The other option might be a RV salvage yard.

This is a link to a service center in Canada that might have some information or have a set you could get off a used unit. 




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