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FMCA Roadside Assist

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I e mailed a question to the membership people and have not heard back as yet.

It has been over the holiday though so understand the wait.

I am asking it here as well in case it might be helpful to other members with fifth wheel or other trailers.

In trying to fill out the application for the roadside assistance I was unsure as to which VIN number to place first.

The application is set up as though you will be registering a MH which is understandable considering the original set up of FMCA.

Our trailer does have a VIN number. Would I put the number of our trailer and then the number of the truck that pulls it?

Just want to be sure that they understand that it is a fifth wheel trailer and not a MH.

We are very happy to have a chance to be included in your club. Would love to have a MH some day but until then it is nice to get a ffot in the door at FMCA.

Michele and Mark

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Hello Michelle and Mark,

Thank you for your inquiry and my apologies for the wait over the holiday break. Since ownership of an RV - regardless if it is a motorhome, travel trailer, 5th-Wheel, etc - is the requirement to be eligible for Roadside Rescue, you will want to put the VIN of your RV (in this case a 5th-wheel).  All other passenger vehicles are covered with your Roadside policy automatically so there is no need to also include those VIN numbers.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out the FMCA Membership department at 800-543-3622 or Membership@fmca.com.  We are available by phone Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm eastern.

And of course, Welcome to the Family!


Dan Ball

Director of Membership & Marketing

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