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Class A Front Windshield Trim Repair/Replacement

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Last Aug 2018, we traded our 04 Newmar DSDP for a 2010 Newmar DutchAire DP. Part of the trade involved replacing the front windshield which was cracked. We then left after several days and left on several trips until the latter part of Sept.2018. We then began gradually working our way back towards where we bought the MH for replacement of our rv fridge with the Samsung counter depth one prior to heading to south Tx for the winter. Several days before arrival at the dealer, I noticed a vertical water leak approximately in front of the pass seat. The "glue" used by the dealer apparently did not setup properly so they redid the top rubber seal/moulding that goes the top of the windshield. We then left for Tx and (1)week after arrival, the seal came loose again. Has anyone called Guardian Glass, Safelite or some other company that works on class A windshields and had them respond to fix a "seal" problem only. Would prefer to get this redone before leaving south Tx on 5/3/19. Any comments plse.

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Sounds like my problem last year.  I had a seal on a side window that had been replaced several times, but still leaked.  Texas Custom Coach in Pipe Creek (on Hwy 16 before Bandera), found that my cut out for the window was to big.  Fixed it and no more problems.  Over the past 6 years, they have replaced 3 front windshields for me.  I'm having my interior remodeled there. 

Dave Miller (Owner) 830-510-4224, GM is Mike if Dave is not there!   $90 per hour rate!

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