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RV Crash Testing

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Saw this in my news feed this morning - looks like RV safety and crash testing is finally getting some attention. After our head-on collision year before last, this issue has been one of importance to us. Perhaps if more people pushed manufacturers about this they'd start making safer rigs. Perhaps not.


Here's the direct link to the Swedish page: https://www.trafikverket.se/resa-och-trafik/Trafiksakerhet/Din-sakerhet-pa-vagen/Sakerhet-i-bil/Krocksakerhet/krocktest-husbilar/

You can use Google translate to read the page in English.

I think that the one take-away for all of us is the recommendation to be sure that there is nothing lose in the rig while traveling, as anything not fastened down can become a projectile.

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Your last sentence is dead on-so to speak. I once was reading a thread about leaving items sitting on the kitchen counter while driving. One man bragged they could leave their knife block sitting on the counter while driving and it never moved.  image.png.ba27dd83e13b7f833f11d4daff96e7bf.png

Many years ago a man ran a red light and I T-boned him. With me slamming on the brakes then broad-siding that car, it threw my first wife from the bedroom(sitting on the bed) to the dash('99 32' Allegro). The sudden stop at the dash broke both her wrists, wrenched her back and bruised her from head to toe;  she was lucky to survive IMO.

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