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Fleetwood Experience

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This is Our experience from 5/15/2018 To 8/15/2019. Traded in a 2004 Southwind on the Purchase of a New 2018 Flair from General RV Tampa. On the way home entry door rattled and when I went to lock it had to push in vigorously to get dead bolt to latch. From that day forward for 10 months and numerous trips tried to get door repaired properly.

Along the way over the next 12 months had trim loose, seals on slide outs not properly installed or none where there should be some, flaking around shower bottom from improper installation, Large F on Flair outside blew off , 2 wiper guards blew off on separate trips. Wiper housing through front of coach loose and flopping around. 11 months owned, 10 trips to Dealer ship, 2 times meet mechanic where Coach was stored. Last trip went to use outside radio, a screaching  noise that could burst your ear drums. Up investigation found Both Speakers that were installed looked like a tank drove over the back of them. "Damaged" Speakers installed @ the Factory. Tried to get some answers and help from

Both Fleetwood and General, might as well been talking to the wall. 12 months and 2 weeks, out of warranty.I'm almost 70 yo, purchased many vehicles , "Worst" Experience Ever.

Ended up selling it , everything works now, Will not ever do business with General RV. Tampa or Purchase anything Fleetwood. Would Not recommend Either one of these companies. I'm sure other's out there have had good dealings with these companies, Just My Luck I guess. I would be Wary of Damaged or Faulty Parts on the Fleetwood after finding these speakers damaged. Have Pictures of everything that I described in case there are any doubters out there.

Be Safe and Happy Camping.



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Sorry for your trouble.  The Flair is one of the lowest of the entry level models they make.  If you go up a few models they are about average.  I have an older Fleetwood Discovery that is fairly well built.

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