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  1. What you describe is the way they are doing it now. I have Directv and I just have Phoenix as the local channels which I have to be in Az or close by {Las Vegas} to receive them. When I'm everywhere else I try to get the local channels on the over the air antenna.
  2. I had Mikes custom painting do my 98 Discovery 2 years ago. He's located in Bremen Indiana. He does it for less money than most, $14k.
  3. The control panel will be different.
  4. Be sure to use an inline drier to keep moisture out.
  5. The engine air compressor is always in use when the engine is running. It has to keep the air system up at all times for the suspension and brakes. Using it to fill tires or power an air wrench is not a problem.
  6. I have changed the stem on the outer dual wheel to a short stem slightly bent which gives me straight on access for the clip on.
  7. Could be on the side of the engine.
  8. I generally use my coach air and I have built a bleeder similar to the one in the FMCA magazine March issue, been using it for years. I also have a 110v direct air compressor that will go to excess of 150 pounds. I have tried it on my front tire, 100 psi, 245/75 22.5. I bleed it down to 95 and used the compressor to bring it back to 100 psi. Took about 3-4 minutes. If I had to fill more than that I would have put an inline dryer in the line. The compressor is a Goodyear i8000 from Amazon for $52. I chose 110v over 12 volt because I think its easier to string a 110 extension cord than a 12 volt.
  9. I heard quite a few owners of bed tow trailers {fifth wheel} refer to their trailers as coaches. In the olden days horses pulled coaches.
  10. I think its the same reason you spend tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a coach, its because you want to. I have been in the RV repair business for 38 years and enjoy testing and evaluating different products, kind of like a hobby. I have been known to spend days or weeks dry camping like in national parks with no hookups. Back in the 70s when I started rving I traveled 3 months every summer without hookups. Remember rvs by definition are self contained vehicles.
  11. They are talking 10 years or better, 3000-5000 cycles. I don't know about disposal but I would think it would be the same a electric car batteries.
  12. The first picture was how I first wired it up and this picture is how I cleaned it up.
  13. Been testing for about a week and it still amazes me on the performance.
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