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  1. I've had a Verizon MiFi for several years, I'm on my third different model. I recently upgraded my smart phone and checked to see how much I'm paying for just the MiFi. They told me that it only adds $20 to my bill as I was thinking of switching to FMCA. Didn't change.
  2. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    We'll look for you.
  3. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Looks good. Are you going to Gillette?
  4. Window Blinds

    What kind of blinds?
  5. new to RVs this year hope to be on the road soon

    Unfortunately Rt 66 is no longer continuous but you can still go on some of it.
  6. Shurflo water pump

    Basically you can replace the pump with almost any rv pump. The fittings have a flex hose to each port to isolate the pump noise so location of the fittings is not critical. As mentioned you can upgrade if you wish to a higher volume pump but remember that may increase you water usage.
  7. Monarch Pass - Hwy 50

    I went over Monarch pass in the mid 70's with a 25 ft Pace Arrow towing a Toyota station wagon without any problems as I recall.
  8. Solar panels

    In bright sun check the voltage output at the panels. What kind of charge controller do you have?
  9. Tachometer Quit

    Look for the pickup in the housing between the eng and the trans. It maybe 12 pulses per revolutions.
  10. Front Track bar replacement

    Once the track bar is adjusted at the correct axle ride height I would loosen the axle u bolts and retorque them. This will release any preload one way or the other, reducing wear on pivot parts.
  11. Front Track bar replacement

    What I have done in the past is to square up the axle to the frame rails. Set the frame rails on jack stands level and set the axle on jack stands level ride height and measure from the side of the frame to the face of the wheel mount surface. I have done this numerous times when changing axles.
  12. Integrated RV GPS, Stereo and Bluetooth

    Last couple of years we've been using our cell phones. It gives us instant information on traffic conditions, I don't know how it does it but it does.
  13. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Is your odometer certified accurate?
  14. Custom Holding Tanks

    After I watched a plastic shop do it I said to myself I can do it. I bought the plastic welder and tried but its not as easy as it looks. About like trying to weld sheet lead with stick lead. I have done some repairs but nothing major. I have cut down a top of a water tank but had a couple of pin leaks, fortunately since it was on the top it was not a problem.
  15. Class A Coach Cover

    Using a cover is the last thing I would do. The hassle of the bulk of the fabric plus the wear and tear on the finish, although you find a few individuals that use them with some degree of success. Absolutely a garage or at least a roof over the motorhome is mandatory in my book. Just my own opinion. It doesn't make sense to me after spending all that money on a coach that you leave it outside.