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  1. desertdeals69

    poor service department

    You can wait until morning and maybe the weather is better and then you can hook up.
  2. desertdeals69

    1998 Monaco Dip ISB 275 Tach stopped working

    Check wiring. The sensor is in the bell housing, it counts the teeth on the ring gear.
  3. desertdeals69

    Surge Guards: EMS PT50X VS SURGE GUARD 34950?

    I have the Surge Guard hard wired with the monitor. I use it to monitor my amp usage when in limited amp situations.
  4. desertdeals69

    Mattress Replacement

    I extended the platform and bought a standard queen mattress. I have a Denver queen from Lippert.
  5. desertdeals69

    Cooper Roadmaster 295/75R/22.5 Tires

    They are probably a great company. I had a set of Cooper tires on my Chrysler minivan and they failed. They were replaced under warranty and failed again. The 3rd time they failed the company bought me a set of Michelins to get out of their warranty responsibility. The Michelins worked for years and were on the van when I sold it.
  6. desertdeals69

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I carry 185 gal of diesel in my coach and 96 gal in my tank in the back of my Silverado toad. What I usually do is when in a campground I search out the cheapest fuel using Gas Buddy and go for it in the truck. I have a transfer pump and meter. I average about 10 mpg so I have long range.
  7. desertdeals69

    Fuel stops at the flying J. Any discounts on fuel

    On my way to Gillette I bought a little over 100 gal of diesel for $2.999 at Costco. About 30-50 cents/gal cheaper than others.
  8. desertdeals69

    Cooper Roadmaster 295/75R/22.5 Tires

    Been running Toyos for years, good performance.
  9. desertdeals69

    Using MH as a back up

    When we lost power and as a guest house.
  10. I did a residential conversion last year. 10.2 cu ft bottom freezer 24 in wide. Took out a Dometic that was 32 in wide and had 8 inches for a slide out pantry 5 ft tall. The new one has a larger interior than the old one. I made sure it was approved for RV use, had trouble with one in my last coach, compressor failed in 7 months. I bought this one at Best Buy on sale for $299 and for $100 extended the warranty to 5 years. Used it for 4 months this summer and was one of the better improvements I did to the coach.
  11. I hope you have good luck.
  12. You can have Roadmaster install it and any event they attend, like FMCA, Quartzite, some large RV shows.
  13. desertdeals69

    VW Beetle on a Tow Dolly

    That was to toad of choice back in the 70s with a tow bar.
  14. desertdeals69


    If you want to stay away from congested areas stay away from Boston.
  15. desertdeals69

    Zion National Park

    A few years ago we stayed at Watchman in the park. Has electric.