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  1. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Stayed at Pla Mor about 6 years ago in a borrowed motorhome while ours was getting painted down the street at Mike's Custom Painting. Were there 2 12 weeks. Toured Newmar factory.
  2. Unlimited internet

    I believe mine is 15 gig on the MiFi and 7 gig on my phone hot spot before it slows down. When I asked how much extra the data was I was told $30. I'm at 30 gig now on my MiFi but most of the time the speed is not too bad. Reset in 3 days.
  3. Communicating while driving a Class A

    Is having a headset on while driving is legal? I use the blue tooth on the dash radio when using the cell phone.
  4. External Radiator Cleaning

    If you want to know the exact temp install a Scan Gauge, it will give yo the temp in degrees.
  5. step retraction

    There is a step switch near the door, just flip it the other way and the step will close when the door is closed and the engine is not running.
  6. Water Heater Electric Side Failed

    The heating element should be replaceable. When mine failed it was the thermostat on the tank. Replaced it and it has been working ever since.
  7. Altitude Degradation

    I was at Snowflower TT last week and ran both ACs on 30 amp service just fine.
  8. Quik-fill battery electrolite system

    Make sure it has a shut off valve because if it is left open driving down the road causes the valves to seep and over fill the cells. You might need to see the top of the batteries to know when the cells are full. My recomendation would be to install AGM batteries so you don't have any maintenance.
  9. Battery manufacturing dates

    I would check the stamped date on the case as some retailers affix the date sticker when they want to, such as Sam's Club.
  10. Spartan Chassis Front End Ongoing Squeak

    No fittings, they looked like urethane. This was a 2000 Reyco Granning IFS that I bought from Spartan and installed in my 93 Spartan metal spring chassis. I changed the suspension to air and also air brakes.

    Sounds like a bad ground.
  12. Spartan Chassis Front End Ongoing Squeak

    I had that squeak on my RG IFS and narrowed it down to the control arm bushings. Never did totally eliminate the noise but reduced it somewhat by spraying silicone in the area. It seemed to make more noise when cold.
  13. What tire if price no concern

    In 43 years of motor homing in 10+ coaches I have never gone anywhere without a spare. My last two diesel pushers I installed an electric winch to hoist the spare off the ground and mount into place. It fits between the engine and the side, under the propane tank. I use a 1 inch air wrench and have professional tire changing tools if I need to slip on an different tire.
  14. Need moral support: Cummins engine problem

    What engine and chassis?
  15. Child booster seats

    I would guess on the sofa if it has 3 sets of belts.