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  1. Has anyone used this system. I usually use gas buddy and find the least expensive diesel. The other day I found it for $2.59 and bought 96 gallons that I put in my tank in the back of my Silverado. Saved $48 over the average price of diesel in the area. It seems like the discounts they give you are off a expensive price and bottom line is your paying more.
  2. You might verify the readings by using the same voltmeter at each location.
  3. Loose connection or broken wire. Check the power to the camera.
  4. We had fun in reversing falls, magnetic hill, bay of Fundy.
  5. Three years now and still working fine. Front Michelins and rears Toyos.
  6. I changed the outer stem to a shorter one and the tpms is on the outside.
  7. What I did on mine (98 Discovery) was to install open face auto dish for Directv and put a satellite receiver in the living room and the bedroom using the existing coax and an hdmi cable between each receiver and HD tv. Also installed a DVD player at each location with hdmi cable using the input switcher in the tvs.
  8. Herman your always spot on most of the time. I have had TT for some 15 years and have been to 47 of their campgrounds. Almost all of them have been adequate. They are not Outdoor Resorts of America. Last year we stayed in TT 102 nights for the annual fee of $585. We upgraded our membership when they added 2 more campground systems that gave us a lot better coverage in the east. We bought our original membership from a broker for $99 dollars plus $750 transfer fee to TT. The reason so many are for sale is people get old and quite RVing and they don't want to pay the annual fee cause they are not using it. At that time the membership that we got was $8K from TT. It included 14 days in and we could go park to park with no time out and frozen dues. Its not for everyone but its great for us. We are not full time.
  9. The wiring and controller might not work. A 25 watt panel will produce slightly over 1 amp in bright sunlight which is a small part of the 24 hour day. Not hardly enough to make a difference. I have 800 watts with a MPPT controller and that is sometimes not enough.
  10. The lithium batteries are for the house only, don't need 900 CCA. Battle Born lithiums come with a 10 year warranty. You need fewer batteries and the run time is over twice AGMs and the charge time is about half. 6 AGMs weigh 432 lbs and 4 lithiums weigh 120 lbs.
  11. If you can adjust your current charging systems to work with lithiums it will cost you $6K for six 100 amp lithiums and that should run about twice as long on a charge and recharge in much less time.
  12. It was not installed correctly. It needs to be adjusted right to work right. Its pretty straight forward installation so if you mechanic can't install it right it might be time to look for another mechanic.
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