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  1. It looked like he was planning this trip some time ago.
  2. I saw it at Gillette. I don't think there is a real problem with the conventional slide topper if it is adjusted correctly. If it flaps in the wind the tension is too little. The price of the True Topper was around $5000 which I thought was high.
  3. Check the voltage at the battery terminals and at the pump motor. Should be at least 12.4 volts at both locations or not more that 1/4 volt difference.
  4. I would never accept an RV until everything was fixed to my satisfaction. Only sign a binding agreement to buy if everything is fixed. If the dealer won't do that run away from the deal. They probably won't fix it like you want.
  5. desertdeals69

    Tires Opinion

    I use to use Centrimatics for years and it seemed never quite right. I switched to beads about 10 years age and have been more happy with the balance. Being the tightwad I am when I changed tires I scooped out the beads and put them in the new tires.
  6. You should check the toe-in. If it is 0 it will wander.
  7. I use M&G for braking on my Silverado 1500 4X4. It works great, wouldn't have any other system.
  8. Anyone going to Tucson that's on the tech advisory committee? I would like to get together.
  9. I will answer your questions in order. It was fairly easy for me because I had several friends and business associates pass away in their 50s and 60s. They were all looking forward to the day they retired, counting the months, days. I thought between 55 and 60 would be right for me. As it turned out it was 58 for me. My overall plan was to keep busy building or repairing different things. I was a teacher in the seventies which allowed me to take my family in the motorhome every summer. We went through all 48 states in 3 1/2 years. We had opened up a repair shop for boats and rvs. I started to think about retirement when I was about 30. I decided not to charge or finance anything except a house. I paid cash for cars, motorhomes, and boats. When the time came to retire everything was paid for. I built my current home in 87-88. I was an owner builder. I paid cash for materials and traded some labor for things I couldn't do such as cement work, framing, roofing, plumbing, and electrical wiring. We moved into a paid up house. I am so busy now I wondered how I had time to work! My current project is solar power for the motorhome. I just tested today in my driveway. The big test is Tucson in a couple of weeks. We still enjoy traveling. Done almost 300 nights of cruising around the world, been to 7 continents and dozens of countries. Still enjoy motorhome travel.
  10. I would contact the manufacturer of the refrigerator for their recommendations.
  11. I tried one several years ago and couldn't get it to work. They replaced the unit a couple of times and the harness and I tried using the connection at the engine and nothing would work. I have one on a Prius and it works. I now have Bluefire on my coach.
  12. 16 states, 6 campgrounds, about 30 nights boon docking (Harvest Host, Walmart, Sams Club, Cracker Barrel, friends, relatives), approximately 3K miles and 4 months.
  13. Went to Alaska in 01. Drove to Vancouver area and got a campsite for 9 days and they took us to the cruise dock to board a cruise ship for 7 days to Alaska. They picked us up 7 days later and brought us back to the motorhome. Left the next day to Alaska. Lots of things to see and do going through Canada. A couple of things that come to mind were the Canfor sawmill tour and the lower Liard hot springs provincial park. Stopped at the signpost forrest. Drove the full length of the Alcan highway. Toured a pipeline pumping station in Delta. Was in Valdez when the first double hull tanker came in on her maiden voyage. Got to tour the ship from bridge to bilge, it was huge. Drove through Chicken and panned for gold there. It was a great trip and I wouldn't mind doing it again. I traveled in my motorhome and a friend followed me in his motorhome. I prefer to travel on my own so I can spend as much time as I want to see and and do what I want. We had traveled through the lower 48 states in 3 1/2 years back in the 70s.
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