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  1. desertdeals69

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    LED bulbs run on 12-24 volts.
  2. desertdeals69

    BlueFire motorhome App-VMSpc alternative

    Soon as I get a chance I will try again. Thanks.
  3. desertdeals69

    BlueFire motorhome App-VMSpc alternative

    When I try to select a gauge I get an error box, can't remember what exactly it says so I will have to go out to the garage to look. I am getting the rpm reading when the engine is running but not on a gauge. I do have the 6 pin.
  4. desertdeals69

    RV Plate Protection?

    I have a cast aluminum plate that needs repainting about every 10 years.
  5. desertdeals69

    Spare Tire yes or no

    I have always carried a spare in the last 44 years of motor homing. When I became too old to do all the lifting I installed an electric winch to load it up into storage position. I have had to change several tires over the years.
  6. desertdeals69

    BlueFire motorhome App-VMSpc alternative

    I can't figure out how to set up my dash. iPad shows the some of the information but no gauges.
  7. desertdeals69

    Tennis and Pickle Ball RV Resorts

    Voyager in Tucson. They even have tournaments there.
  8. desertdeals69

    Alaska Trip

    I went on my own with a friend following me. Watch your speed and when a truck is coming the other way angle towards the shoulder and stop because they throw gravel, that was on the Alcan highway. Other roads were not too bad, generally traveled at between 35-50 mph. I always carry at least one spare tire however the only people that had tire problems were trailers. I like to come and go as I like so being in a rigid schedule with a caravan just wouldn't work for me even if it was free.
  9. desertdeals69

    Rims To Small For Tires?

    Are they 8 or 10 stud? I have 4 8 stud non polished Alcoas 22.5x8.25.
  10. desertdeals69

    Rims To Small For Tires?

    Hp use a 2piece nut and a sp wheel tapered nuts with double nuts on the rear duals.
  11. desertdeals69

    Mis-matched solar panels

    Check to see if the charge controller can take more than 45 volts on the input. I think it will and you should wire the 100 watt panels in series. The poly is not quite as efficient as the mono. I have 8 100 watt Renogy mono panels wired 4 in series and the two banks in parallel as my 40 amp MPPT controller will take 100 volts max. I think you need at least two more panels and a MPPT charge controller.
  12. desertdeals69

    Coach Net Electric Step

    Disconnect the link between the step and the crank and see if the step moves easily full in and full out. If it is bent it may bind. Straighten it out and lube and it should be ok.
  13. desertdeals69

    Surge protector fried

    I like my Surge Guard hardwired. It has a remote panel that I can read the voltage and amperage on each leg.
  14. desertdeals69

    Requirements when registering for a park

    I stayed in a TT park 114 nights since May 2018. I think only once they asked me if I was fully insured.
  15. If that bothers you, you could wire a separate circuit for the toilet.