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  1. We were in Valdez in 2001 July and the maiden voyage of the first double hull tanker came in. The CEO of Phillips Petroleum and the builders of the ship put on a barbecue. PR stunt because of the oil spill. We also toured the tanker from bilge to bridge. It was docked at the cruise dock. We boondocked in town at an empty lot for 4 days.
  2. I would go with 2 lithium 100 amp batteries, half the weight of lead acid, and 400+ watts solar on the roof. Lithium batteries can be discharged to 90%.
  3. If its a tilt only it will only be beneficial only if you are headed in the right direction. The mechanism needs to both tilt and rotate. When I bought my panels I asked what difference in output tilting would gain and was told only about 10 percent. I tested the output of my panels laying on my driveway and then tilted to the sun and they were correct. Just add a panel or two and more than make up the difference and not have all that extra stuff on the roof.
  4. Hi Roger, if you only have one vent through the roof there has to be a tee. If you can't see the pipe inside the coach the only solution I know is to drop a inspection camera down the pipe and see where the tee is. Once you find it use a snake and guide it into the tee going to the gray tank, then rotate the snake and push it in until it hits the bottom of the gray tank. Good luck. See you in Gillette, we are in Belvidere Il now and will leave here on the 30th to go to Gillette.
  5. If that happens the seals need to be replaced.
  6. I have always carried a spare in my 45 years of motorhoming and about 10 coaches. I have had to use the spare several times over the years. When I went to Alaska I was told to carry a spare so I put an extra spare in the bed of the pickup. Never need either one. All of the people that had tire problems had trailers. At least a dozen.
  7. Thats what I would do as that is unacceptable behavior for anyone regardless of age.
  8. Years in the business doesn't guarantee success all the time. I have been in the RV repair business for 55 years and I was stumped the other day with my charging system and my inverter. Woke up and my batteries were at 8.5 volts. The inverter failed and instead of shutting off at 11.6 volts it took the batteries down. This is when I discovered that the two batteries were tied together by the previous owner. I had to use my portable generator and charger to charge the chassis batteries so I could start the engine. I have been working on the problem on the road ever since. I will be in Indiana this afternoon on my way to Gillette, the long way from Arizona.
  9. Just got through on the 513 number. They are having trouble with the 800 number.
  10. I just noticed that I was calling the 800 number, I'll try the other.
  11. I've been trying all morning. Verizon says the call cannot be completed check the number.
  12. I can't get through to fmca on the phone. Any one else having trouble?
  13. I have always used Roadmaster tow bars and M&G brake system.
  14. I think its a medium duty truck, between a pick-up and a 18 wheeler.
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