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  1. I have a lighter coach but I use Toyos. About 2/3 the cost.
  2. 1998. Lived a full life! I was talking to my friend who is the service trainer for Spartan chassis and he said somewhere around 10 years is the expected life of a bag. Some go a lot longer. I am going to replace all four bags when I get home. I just installed a used bag I carry with me.
  3. Problem solved. Did not have any thing to do with the dump valve. Turns out right front air bag split. Replaced the bag today and it seems to be working fine.
  4. No, they won't inflate but I have tank pressure. I think its the dump valve assy because it won't inflate the bags. When I bought this coach it had just under a 100K miles and the air driver filter had never been changes. I think some debris maybe contaminated the system. It has worked ok for over 3 years, 20K miles, since I changed the filter.
  5. desertdeals69

    air bags

    checked into a campground and my air dump is not working. I started it this morning and the tanks aired up but when I move the lever to the right the bags don't air up. When I move the lever to dump there is no air sound. Any Ideas. Freightliner 36 ft Discovery.
  6. The engine battery is probably the wrong size, it should be a group 27 or 31. Also it should be a starting battery not deep cycle. Usually the generator starts off the house batteries. With the engine running the battery voltage on the start battery should be over 13 volts, the same for the house batteries. If you have to replace the alternator get the highest amp that will fit.
  7. What kind of issues? Every manufacturer has units that are not 100%. After careful inspection if it looks good to you, you test drive it and its at your price point I would get it.
  8. I just tried my new 3/4 inch Earthquake inpact wrench on one of my front lug nuts. I marked where it was and spun it off and back on to the same place. Works well, it hammers the nut off and on but it does tighten it to spec.
  9. I don't like to wait hours or days for help to come. I also don.t like paying double or triple for a tire that is the wrong size. I have less than $500 invested in all the equipment and aluminum wheel and tire.
  10. I have used the 1/2 inch Earthquake which has 1200 ft/lbs of torque, from our shop, and it worked ok for Budd nuts and studs. I haven't tried the 3/4 inch with 1400 yet but it will be even better. The price for the 3/4 is $279 with 1` battery and charger in a carrying case.
  11. I will not travel without a spare. Haven't in the last 45 years and 10 motorhomes. On my current coach, 98 Discovery 36T I mounted it under the propane tank next to the engine. To life it up into position I mounted an electric winch to pick it up from the ground to the mount. I use to carry a 1 inch air impact wrench but just changed to a Harbor Freight 3/4 inch battery wrench which has 1400 ft/lbs of torque.
  12. I think if you put a square on the door you will find it is out of square. I have the same problem. Thinking of trying to square the door then it won't drag.
  13. I have a Renolgy mppt 40 amp controller that has a remote readout.
  14. On mine the starter gear assembly was broken so I priced the Onan replacement parts and they were fairly expensive ($60). I looked on EBay and found a complete new starter with the drive gear for half that. It was an import. I ordered it and installed it and it works fine. I machined some replacement parts out of aluminum and repaired the original starter which I carry as a spare now.
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