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  1. desertdeals69

    TIRE Balance

    I have been using beads for over 3 years, seem to work fine. I used to have centrimatics and they were hit and miss.
  2. Sounds like you have corrosion at the wire connections. I would check all the ground connections to the frame and then check all the plugins, spray with contact cleaner.
  3. My understanding is you must be a Freightliner Club member to get the discount.
  4. Not only that but the year end kickback for total vehicles sold, thats why dealerships are eager to wholesale large number of vehicles to up the count.
  5. What was the original tire size when new?
  6. Does the motor have power to it?
  7. If it is accessible without removing we have welded it, usually takes an hour labor. I don't have an RV tech at the present so will just repair boats.
  8. A plastic welder will work. If the crack is in a high stress area a extra piece welded over the crack will help.
  9. Is the vibration at wheel speed or 3-4 times faster which might be driveshaft speed?
  10. Yes be sure you tanks are dry. It is possible that they are almost full of water which will reduce the air space and the volume of air used to release the brake uses up all your air.
  11. You made some good points. My test was that the water had awful smell coming out of the rinser, Bleach wouldn't eliminate it for more than a few days. Hydrogen peroxide did.
  12. To each his own. I don't like the taste of bleach and the way I've been doing it the last 10+ years along with hundreds of others suits me just fine.
  13. I think it would be better to replace it with the correct alt rather than try to rewire the wrong one.
  14. I don't drain the remainder of the 15 gal, I just fill the tank. Hydrogen peroxide is safe to drink, you can even brush your teeth with it!
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