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Antenna to cable switch

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Recently purchased Four Winds RV. Have Samsung flatscreen TV, with Sony sound system, and Insignia DVD/tape player.  I'm using antenna for tv but want to switch to cable at RV park.  I have 3 remotes (1 for each unit) and I'm electronically challenged.  Can anyone tell me what buttons to use to switch from antenna to cable, please?  

Francis Shafer, Overland Park, KS

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First, welcome to the FMCA forum! Glad to have you here.

What type of over-the-air antenna (OTA) do you have?

We have different coaches, but our King OTA antenna is a pretty standard one so maybe it will be similar. On mine there is a wall plate where the TV attaches to the antenna. There is a power button on that wall plate, and if the power is on the green light is lit. When the power is on, the OTA antenna is connected. When I want to watch the campground's cable, all I have to do is connect their cable to the outside connection point and turn the OTA antenna off on the wall plate. When the OTA antenna is 'off' the cable connection is automatically connected to the wall plate.

The one step that some forget is to rescan the channels on the TV so it will know what channels are available on the cable. Use the remote control for the TV to do this - go into the settings menu and find the area that mentions 'broadcast', then follow the prompts to automatically rescan. You'll select 'cable' if you're looking for cable channels. If you use an OTA antenna this should be familiar to you, as it needs to be done whenever you move to a new area to find the local channels.

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