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Major bridge fire across the Ohio River on I-75 (Cincinnati) on Nov. 11th

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rsdata posted this yesterday and lives in the area: https://www.forestriverforums.com/fo...-a-220328.html He is going to add updates as he sees fit.

We'll be at the FMCA campground this weekend so I am hoping this does not affect our travel to the south too much. I-275 south uses a different bridge to get back to I-75 so here's hoping...

The Brent Spence double decker bridge had a semi carrying a flammable hazmat, potassium hydroxide, hit a jackknifed semi just before 3 AM on November 11th. The temps from an estimated 400 gallons of diesel combined with the corrosive effects of the hazmat when combined with water has the bridge closed, maybe for several weeks.

Another old suspension bridge, Roebling, was also closed later because it has a 22,000 pound limit and many semis were using it as a detour.


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