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  1. We've flat towed a 2020 Equinox Premier AWD with the 2.0L engine and the 9-speed transmission for two years. rossboyer's description of the charge line is accurate but using the RVi Towed Battery Controller as the charge controller will not work with an Equinox. People have reported the LSL one as working OK. The Equinox draws almost 8 amps out of the battery when set up for towing. Once I ripped out the RVi TBC and went to just a straight charge line with a fuse I no longer had battery problems. Based on watching Etrailer videos for the baseplate I chose the Demco baseplate and use a Roadmaster Nighthawk tow bar. The braking system is the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO. The Roadmaster also looked like a good choice. With the Premier, because it has LED lights and a redesigned taillight assembly, you cannot install the separate LED light. You must use a diode kit instead, which is what I did. Here is a recent thread on a person who had their Blue Ox baseplate fail on their 2018 Equinox while towing: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f85/base-plate-ripped-off-frame-591290.html Ray
  2. I'm noticing something odd with the new Franklin T9. I keep it plugged in inside a cabinet because we're on our winter trip and use it every day. It will give a message of "Battery fully charged" followed later by "Charging too long" or something similar. When the second message appears I know it because every device connected including the cameras disconnect and we have no Internet access. I need to unplug the cord and plug it back in or, usually, just reboot the device. If we're in the motorhome when it happens... I found a few threads where people reported the same thing. No, it's not the "Inactive time" setting because that's set to "Always on". Outside of putting a lamp timer on the charger, does anyone have a suggestion? Does the M2000 have this problem? Thanks, Ray
  3. Thanks for the quick response and explanation. That actually is one thing I would not have thought of, given the size of the warehouse and all of the surrounding area.
  4. Ugh. We just went to book a spot at the FMCA Campground in Newtown, OH, east of Cincinnati, during April and were greeted with this message: FMCA Campground will be closed from 03/28/2022 to 05/24/2022 Anybody know what's going on there? Ray
  5. Wait, what? The M2000 hotspot costs an additional $250 in Year One from Calyx, additional to the $750? The Year One difference between FMCA ($640) and Calyx ($750) is $110. (I don't know if owning the hotspot is better than leasing it for us. When our first Franklin R910 went bad we got the Mifi 8000L for no charge from FMCA. That wouldn't happen out of warranty if we owned it.) Confusedly yours, Ray
  6. To further prove your point, we moved from Bradenton, FL where we got roughly 3 - 5 M/bps with the Sprint Mifi 8000L. With the T-Mobile replacement Franklin T9 hotspot we usually got well under 1 M/bps during the day. We're now in Crystal River, FL. This campground was kind of a dead spot for Sprint and we usually got 1 - 2 M/bps here, but the coverage matched the Sprint map well so we knew it would be weak. But Netflix etc. still worked with very occasional buffering. With the T-Mobile T9 hotspot here in Crystal River we're consistently getting 16 - 20 M/bps anytime during the day and we're almost in the same spot as last year. Unfortunately next year we'll be in Bradenton for all three months because they changed to a 3-month minimum for 2023. So now I need to decide whether to keep the FMCA plan or upgrade to the Calyx M2000 plan (which obviously could change by a year from now). FMCA for Year 1 = 50 *12 or $600 + the $40 one-time device rental for a total of $640 FMCA for Year 2 = $600 Calyx for Year 1 = $750 Calyx for Year 2 = $500 So after Year 2 Calyx currently is ahead on price a bit with a more capable device, currently. Decisions, decisions... Ray
  7. An Alcatel LinkZone 2has 5G capability? Not according to its specs. Where did you find that setting? We're changing cities next week so if this is not noticeably better I'll bid it a fond goodbye. The hotspot on my Verizon phone is good for 0.6 M/bps and it costs me nothing extra each month. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Ray
  8. We got 16.1 M/bps download at midnight last night and 0.60 M/bps at noon today with the new T-Mobile Franklin T9. Oh, well, what's a 100X change in speed between friends? And whoever would have thought that Sprint would be faster than T-Mobile in a major metropolitan area? Not me. We've experienced more buffering with Netflix in the last 20 hours since I changed from the Sprint hotspot to the T-Mobile hotspot than we experienced in the last two months in the same spot. Because we've had zero buffering before the change. Mama is not happy...
  9. So I manually triggered a Check for Software Update on the T9 because the firmware was from mid-2020. An update was found and now I'm updated to April 2021. That's great T-Mobile tech work there, shipping out devices with old firmware. Nothing important in the release notes. Ignore those security updates. Smart battery and charging enhancements Enhanced security and device statistics/ reporting features
  10. Man, this thing is a real screamer! Or makes me want to scream. Or something.
  11. I ordered the new hotspot last Friday the 18th because the battery in my Mifi 8000L swelled up, again, and popped the back cover off, again. Then the hotspot later went into a continuous reboot so I had to pull the battery. The battery is now held in place with a tie wrap. The replacement hotspot was waiting at the campground office today, the 23rd, and it was shipped to FL from TX, which is pretty good. When I opened the box I found I did not get the Alcatel Linkzone 2! Woo Hoo! I got a Franklin T9? The Franklin R910 was what I got originally a couple of years ago and I almost canceled the service because it was so bad. Then I got the Mifi 8000L as a replacement and all was well. So I figure I'll give the T9 chance. I just switched over. Specs from the Calyx Institute: https://calyxinstitute.org/franklin-t9 The Franklin T9 mobile hotspot supports all possible T-Mobile/Sprint 4G bands, including T-Mobile's extended range bands and the bands formerly used by Sprint. In comparison to the LINKZONE 2, it has shorter battery life and does not have the ability to charge other devices. Running speedtest.net on side by side laptops showed no real advantage of one over the other. Downloads ranged from 05. M/bps to 3 M/bps with about the same upload speeds. Ping times were good on one and bad on the other and then reversed. Ray
  12. Thanks for the detailed observations. Odd. Your reboot experience would imply that T-Mobile is supplying different firmware versions to FMCA and to Calyx. That would be a lot of work on their part as usually Inseego supplies the firmware to the telcos. I'm wondering if your FMCA M2000 has defective hardware. If you're adventurous, you could try swapping the SIMs between them and seeing what happens. Whether the problems follow the SIM or not we'll have the answer. FMCAssist and their other benefits are worth more to me than the cost of their yearly membership so even if I do switch to Calyx (which may suffer the same consequences as FMCA from T-Mobile) I'll definitely keep my FMCA membership. We stay at the FMCA campground east of Cincinnati, OH a few times a year as we pass through the area and one night there covers the cost of my annual membership fee.
  13. For whatever it's worth, it likely depends where those folks are. As I noted we're in Bradenton, FL and while sometimes it slows down in the day, it has never been useless or cut back.
  14. That actually is not that unusual. There are a lot of things that need to work in addition to a strong signal and almost all of those are at the Internet Service Provider (T-Mobile). A temporary outage in any of those systems will cause exactly what you saw. Ray
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