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  1. Yup. I got the car into dealer today but because the codes cleared themselves they could not do anything. Interestingly, one of the DTC codes indicated that the Stability Control System was active too long, "too long" apparently meaning fifteen minutes. It applies the brakes to the wheels when it thinks you're in a skid and apparently sometimes the hydraulic actuators hang up. That would explain why one wheel was 35% warmer than the other three (135 degrees versus 100 degrees). But the dealer did not think so but I don't think they understand the system very well. Well, at least I have something to tell a different dealer. if it happens again. Ray
  2. Thanks, Ross. Yesterday and today definitely did not go as planned... Yesterday I-71 south was closed south of Columbus, OH due to an accident and stayed closed for at least a few hours. Fortunately Garmin Drive gave us a heads-up so we took I-270 W around Columbus to I-70 west. Then we took I-675 south and picked up I-71 again. Not too bad and only added about 25 minutes to the trip. The we saw the separate exit 63A and 63B exit signs and learned too late that they are the same exit ramp, just going in different directions. So we proceeded on to the next exit, 65, I think. My wife was driving and wanted something to eat so she pulled into a McDonalds with a parking lot that was a tad too small. So while she went inside I unhooked the car and then we lined everything back up and got out OK. The gas station at that exit next to the McDonalds was pretty tight but she is a good driver, having been a firefighter for 26 years. But there was no real way to make a left turn to get back to the interstate so when the GPS said to take a right on 8 Mile Road (I think it was), we did. Hilly and winding to say the least. And narrow. But we made it OK while taking the back way. There is a Circle K a mile or so from the campground that could be OK in a pinch but it has a pretty small island at one of the exits. As we left this morning we saw there is BP on 32 that has possibilities but it's off to the side a bit and I could not get a good look. And then today, about 2.5 hours out of Nashville and right after we left a rest area, my 2020 AWD Equinox decided to text me saying I needed to get the anti-lock brakes and the stability control system serviced within the next seven days. And I cancelled OnStar as of yesterday. I did some quick research and the main cause seems to be a bad wheel bearing. We pulled off at the next exit about four miles away and I shot the hubs. The passenger front was about 135 degrees F and almost too hot to touch versus 100 for the other three. So tomorrow I get up early to take the car to a local dealer. And by the time we actually got to the campground, the errors seen in the car had all cleared themselves and all wheel hubs were the same temperature. Go figure. Whew. Ray
  3. Thanks. I'm going to use yours because it's how FMCA says to go and it looks a lot simpler. I appreciate the extra detail you provided. That RVTW one must be the "scenic route". I thought we could use jacks on the asphalt if we had pads and we have SnapPads. I'll check when we arrive. I always use manual leveling and barely lift the wheels.
  4. Thanks! Yes, we have one of the electric-only sites reserved but we're only staying one night. We keep the goose egg in the windshield all the time. These are the RVTW directions but I have not yet checked the GPS routing: 9: Take left exit 99A toward Cincinnati onto I-71 S. Go for 96.2 mi. 10: Take exit 9 toward Red Bank Rd/Fairfax onto Red Bank Expy. Go for 2.0 mi. 11: Continue on Red Bank Rd. Go for 0.8 mi. 12: Turn left and take ramp onto Columbia Pkwy (US-50 E) toward Milford. Go for 0.7 mi. 13: Continue on Wooster Pike (US-50). Go for 1.3 mi. 14: Turn right onto Wooster Pike (US-50). Go for 1.1 mi. 15: Turn right onto Newtown Rd toward Little Miami Golf Course/Bass Island. Go for 0.5 mi. 16: Continue on Church St. Go for 0.1 mi. 17: Turn left onto Valley St. Go for 0.3 mi. 18: Turn right onto Round Bottom Rd. Go for 0.1 mi. 19: Arrive at Round Bottom Rd. Your destination is on the left. Ray
  5. Good question. We'll be coming in from I-71 north tomorrow. We'll likely do the interstate fuel-up on the way in. It looks like FMCA is less than 10 miles from I-71 exit 99A. The next day is about 300 miles which will take us below a half-tank when we hit Nashville but that's OK. Ever since 9/11 I prefer to fuel up on the way in rather than the way out. Always be ready to escape. Thanks for all of the suggestions, folks. Ray
  6. Agreed but the stations where the pumps are lined up with the store and the store has parking directly in front, like all of them, can be a bit more difficult. We've had to wait to clear a pump because someone decided to park right in the area where we needed to turn. Couple that with the 42-degree wheel cut and an alleged 68' turning radius, well, we'd rather make it a bit less complicated by planning ahead. Ray
  7. I do but it doesn't help with locating a true "RV friendly" fuel stop for a gasser. I've already learned to take what the Pilot/Flying J app says with a healthy bit of skepticism. I figure someone on the forum has stayed at the FMCA campground and could give a pointer. Ray
  8. We're doing our first night there on Thursday so I was hoping someone could advise if there are any good fuel stations nearby. We're 38' towing a car and use gasoline. We'll be coming in from the north on I-71 and prefer to fuel up as close to the campground on the way in because 6 MPG. Thanks, Ray
  9. There's always a reason. I've had the FMCA service for maybe a year now and had no issues connecting as long as I had at least one bar. Sure, some places are spotty but with T-Mobile taking over things should get better, or at least not worse. User manuals are not intended anymore to actually convey useful information, as you probably know. I just went through the Mifi screens and figured out how to change the SSID, passwords and DHCP range.
  10. Sorry, I was trying to give some weight to Brian's comments because I doubt many people know who he is. Ray
  11. Is the hot water pressure in the shower adequate but cool or cold? You specified "sink" but you should have at least two sinks, bathroom and kitchen. Is the hot water pressure low at both sinks or just one? Which one if just one? Do you know what kind of water heater you have? If the kind with a tank, locate and check the water heater bypass valves. These are used for the winterization process. Do you have an outside shower, usually found in the wet bay compartment? A common cause for a lack of hot water is someone using the outside shower head and turning the water off at the shower head but leaving the valves turned on. That causes the hot and cold water to mix inside the RV. But that will not explain the lack of pressure. Ray
  12. It sounds like somebody jumped the gun in making that press release. I threw the same note on the RV Life Forest River forum, where some FR employees are actively assigned to monitor and respond, and Brian Clemens from FR responded later in the thread: https://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/f4/fmca-announces-partnership-with-the-fr-motorized-divisions-215411.html EDIT: Extraneous details deleted. Ray
  13. https://rvbusiness.com/fmca-rv-club-partners-with-dynamax-forest-river-motorized/ "FMCA, the world’s largest nonprofit association for RV owners, announced Monday (Aug. 24) that it has partnered with Dynamax and Forest River Motorized (Berkshire, Georgetown, FR3, Sunseeker and Forester) to help “enhance the RV lifestyle” for owners of these types of RVs. Dynamax and Forest River Motorized have always put customer service and quality first, and FMCA has strived to do the same. “This partnership just makes sense,” FMCA CEO Chris Smith stated in a release. “Dynamax and Forest River Motorized are instrumental in helping folks realize the dream of RV ownership. Then FMCA takes it to the next level with the resources and opportunities we provide for our members.” Through a special, discounted rate, new and existing owners of Dynamax and Forest River motorhomes — Berkshire, Georgetown, FR3, Sunseeker, and Forester — will have the opportunity to join thousands of other RV enthusiasts whose travel experiences have been enhanced by FMCA. Those who take advantage of this offer to join FMCA will have the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and friendships among RVers who share the common interest of travel, while receiving a wealth of benefits and services designed to meet the needs of RV owners. FMCA members have exclusive access to RV discount club savings, RV lifestyle resources, the monthly Family RVing magazine, RV rallies, education, and so much more. “I’m thrilled to welcome Dynamax and Forest River Motorized owners to FMCA through this terrific partnership,” said FMCA national president Jon Walker. “I’m equally excited to show them all the different benefits, educational opportunities, and social connections available to them when they become a member of the best RV club in North America.”"
  14. When my R910 got a swollen battery and popped the back off, FMCA arranged the replacement and I received a Mifi 8000L as the replacement. That was in January, I believe. Ray
  15. Friends had their 2015 Wrangler set up by a local reputable RV dealer (not CW) and the install for everything including a portable braking system was $4,600. I just did my 2020 Equinox Premier with a Demco baseplate, Roadmaster Nighthawk tow bar, Demco Stay-IN-Play permanent braking system, RVi Towed Charger, LED tail light diode wiring kit, tow bar cover, two locking hitch pins, a 4" dual drop hitch, two tow bar pin padlocks, wire loom to contain all of the wiring and spent about $3,700 on parts out the door, almost all with Etrailer. Shipping was free but the state sales tax was not. Ray
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