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FMCA Roadside Assist Issues

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I recently needed to use FMCA Roadside Assist.  First thing I did was log onto to my FMCA Account to see my current Roadside Member #.  I could not find anything on my FMCA on line account that showed I was an active member of the road side assist.  I located my membership card, but that one was expired (and a new member number is issued with each renewal).  I could not find my current one.  I looked up my Credit Card, and it showed I had made a current payment. 

I went to the internet to find the phone number, and I called the 1-800 number for roadside.  I was on hold with the automated answer system for over an hour with no one ever answering my call.  I eventually got frustrated and hung up after waiting over an hour, and called AAA.  They at least answered the phone right away.

I am not a happy camper!

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