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There have been two separate times in which I hit the small flush button that the macerator continued to run. Normally it only runs about 1 second.

These two times it ran continuously even after the water had stopped flowing. 

It finally stopped after I mashed the button a few times.  

The first time I actually got a screwdriver and pulled the switch control off the wall only to see it's an enclosed back.  There is no place to disconnect it at the switch / button housing.

I am fairly certain that half of the switch is in the process of failing. 

My question is this.... The back of the switch housing is closed, not able to open up, with wires within a gray insulated housing leading to the wiring harness near the end. Looks like the wiring harness is pretty basic.... one black, one red.

There is no way I'll be able to fish this wire and harness through the wall.  

I'm thinking I could just cut the wires near the switch housing, and splice in the new switch / buttons. 

Here is a link to the part:


Anyone think I may run into a problem doing that?

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I've read of many people replacing the panel that way. But I'd suspect the controller module located in the base of the toilet more than a stuck membrane switch.

If the membrane switch is physically stuck you should be able to pull the 30 amp (or so) fuse for the toilet, kill the toilet, and put the fuse back in. Or just kill all DC power for a half minute or so.

If the toilet does not start up my money would go on the controller module instead. This is the controller for our Tecma Silence Plus 2G and is one of two links I found that claims to have it in stock: https://pdxrvwholesale.com/products/thetford-toilet-controller-36398 The other link: https://www.nwrvsupply.com/product/tecma-silence-plus-controller-36398/

Good luck,


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I replaced it today..... If it does it again then we know for sure it's the controller module in the back of the toilet.

We do live in it full time so that switch get's a lot of work.  

I'll update later if it does it again.  (if the switch/button replacement wasn't the answer)


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