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Ft Moultrie, Sullivan's Island, SC

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Volunteers are not assigned duty during the first week of arrival to allow time to get acclimated to the area.

Volunteers are provided a reciprocal pass, which allows each volunteer and one guest free entrance to all Charleston Historic Sites. Volunteer Coordinator is excellent to work with and ensures volunteer schedules can accommodate requests. The work involves the use of a cash register for entry fees, and a separate cash register for Book Store sales. A historical Ft Moultrie video is shown every 30 minutes. Interact with visitors providing historical interpretive information for museum exhibits and Ft Moultrie displays. Volunteers can participate optionally as Ft Moultrie Interpretive Guides.

Park Service Hats, Polo Shirts (long/short sleeve), Jackets are provided.

Volunteers can wear Khaki, Beige, Olive Drab shorts/pants/trousers.

There is a volunteer appreciation dinner held during october aboard a boat in the Charleston Harbor.

The NPS uses a lot of local Volunteers at the 3 sites. Some non-critical assignments are not filled due to lack of staff/volunteers.

During this time of the season, there are approximately 28 Rangers on staff at the 3 historic locations. Everyone has been friendly and appreciative of volunteer service.

The beginning of what appears to be another great and positive experience with the National Park Service.

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