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Alarm In Dash Sounding Off

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This concerns an unaccounted alarm in dash going off in a 2005 Holiday Rambler with a 330-horsepower Cummins engine and Allison tranny. On a hot day while climbing a long, steep incline, an alarm started to sound. First it was soft but grew louder and more insistent. All gauges read normal. By the time we reached top of the rise it was quite loud. As we crested and started down in, the sound gradually got softer and then quit. No lights or error codes.

Any thoughts?

Larry B

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Two things come to mind that change with grades:

1. Fluid levels change, so a fluid reservoir that has a level sensor (perhaps coolant level, jack reservoir, etc) will read different on an angle/grade.

2. It is not uncommon for engine operating temperature to rise on sustained grades. Are you sure that engine coolant temperature is not rising?


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We had a similar issue earlier in the summer while driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff AZ. We have the same engine and transmission you have. This is definitely an over heating issue and should have been picked up by your coolant temperature gauge. The remedy is to back off on your speed, let the transmission find the gear that works best. After all 30 mph is better than 0 mph.

Best regards,


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