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A Little More About You

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Welcome to the FMCA Community! So glad to see you here! Everyone wants to know about you! You can put your information here and we might find it... But if you go to My Controls at the top of this page, you can find a place to tell us who you are, what your hobbies are, what you drive, what you did, where you are, even if you want, your birthday! Each month FMCA draws a name out of the hat for the birthdays that month and gives away a free RV wash done by the FMCA Community moderators!!!! :) NOT! :rolleyes:

Really, please take a few minutes to start filling in some of the blanks on My Controls. It helps us all know you better. Then when we click on your name with an article we can read all about you. Also, things like your signature let us know what equipment you are using. That helps a lot if you have a question about something related to your motor home. If you ask questions about places to visit we want to know what your interests are. Need some help? Go to "Forum Support" under the Forum category "Miscellaneous". You will find a post titled, "READ FIRST: Forum basics.

Start now, go to the line that says logged in as: Click on My Controls... Fill in one category. Then click on your log in name and see what it looks like! That is what we will see when we come to visit you! And it will be handy for us, right there with each and every message you post.

You can change the information with time! Look at what some of us do with our information and use that as an example. Well, maybe not...

This community is like any other, you get out of it what you put into it.

Again, welcome and enjoy the community that is FMCA!

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