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Monaco/Holiday Rambler Wiring Diagrams and Manuals

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Some time back I called the Monaco service department and was able to get a chassis wiring diagram for my coach via email /.pdf. I tried to get a coach wiring diagram as well but they did not have it readily available. The technician I was talking to said to check back in a few months as they were in the process of scanning -collating and posting manuals and wiring diagrams to their web site for owners to access. Well yesterday I went there and found the wiring diagrams for my 2003 Ambassador were indeed available. This is an excellent service they are providing, the diagrams are very detailed and easy to follow. For those of us who can do our own repairs these diagrams are pure gold. For those of you who will take your coach to a shop these diagrams will probably save you money and time. Just download your copy and have it available for the shop to use. I printed mine as well as keeping a copy on my computer.

They are also putting owners manuals on line. The models and years of the manuals and wiring diagrams are limited at the moment, but they said it was an ongoing process. Hopefully they will be able to get all of them online.

Although I have had limited issues as far as my coach's electrical systems is concerned, I try to be as informed about all my equipment as possible. Another of my projects is taking digital pictures of every nook and cranny of my coach so I know where everything is. Between this and these diagrams I should be able to find most problems.

Here is the url of the HR site, http://www.holidayra...iringdiagramshr

Hope this helps a few of you out there....


ON EDIT:  It appears the above link no longer works.  Might try this one: http://www.monacocoach.com/rv-owners-manuals


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