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Questions About Water Pump & Water Heater

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Okay, the water heater is pretty much a no brainer I suppose..... one you get set up in camp, you turn it on and leave it on, correct? Seems like that's the way it should be....other wise you'd have to wait for your water to heat up every time you wanted to wash dishes or take a shower. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Now for the water pump....

Since water will be brought to us & I'm not sure how that setup is going to be, I'm not sure exactly how to phrase my question...

My hubby said he thinks that if you are hooked up to 'city' water (pressurized) all you do is turn the faucet on or flush the toilet just like you would in your home.

MY question is, if you are running off your fresh water tank, do you turn the pump on every time you need water to flow (sink/shower/toilet) and then turn it back off? Or do you leave it on all the time? I'd think not, but it's better to ask than burn something up.

Thanks in advance! I love this forum and look forward to the day that I can help other newbee's ;)

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No "have too's " here, but what most of us do is leave the water pump ON and turn on the water heater 10 minutes before we want water.

For the water heater, that means first one up in the morning turns it on. Turn it off after dishes are done. Turn it on when starting dinner prep and off when you go to bed. No gain in running it 24/7.

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When we hookup to city water the first thing connected to the water tap is a filter. This removes things like sand from the water(not what one wants in the water holding tank and lines). Not all water systems are created equal. The second item is a pressure regulator,this sets the pressure inside the coach and the supply hose(s) feeding water to the coach.

The water pressure can be very high at some campgrounds and very low at others. The pressure can also very over time during the day as demand changes.

No need for the water pump to be on when connected to city water,but everyone can do as they like.

Regarding the hot water heater, they are set up for LP and some come with a hot shot( An electric water heating element is installed into the tank with its own thermostat). You are connected to shore power an this setup will keep the water hot with out burning up your LP. Some consider it a nice add on if its not be part of the OEM equipment.


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