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DP Overheating On Long Climbs

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We have a 1998 National Tradewind with a Cat 3126 engine and Allison MD3060.

The MH has 30k miles and I never had an overheating problem. Recently on our trip from Florida to New England I stupidly had it in the econ mode on I-64 in Va when the alarm sounded the gauge was in the middle no where near the indicated red hot area. After stopping 2 or 3 times we got to the top and made it to Winchester VA keeping out of cruise mode.

We got to a CAT repair and they could not find anything wrong. Continued to PA and it alarmed 1 more time, pulled over and it cooled down and we continued. The remainder of the trip I manually shifted down a gear to keep the RPM's between 1600 and 2000. I had a slobber tube extension installed a couple of years ago, but how can the radiator be cleaned?



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