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2005 Allegro Bay DP

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Considering upgrading from my Class C motorhome to a Class A.

Currently looking at a 2005 Allegro Bay DP.

Would appreciate any information you may have.


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We have a 2008 Tiffin Phaeton and have been very pleased with the quality of construction. We went from a pickup + travel trailer to a 40 foot diesel pusher, so I can't tell you the difference between a Class-C and a Class-A except for being longer and taller. I didn't have any experience with diesels before we bought ours and have made the transition with no significant problems.

Do make sure that all of the proper maintenance for the engine and transmission has been performed. The diesel engines and transmissions in an Allegro can last just about forever but lack of maintenance can reduce their lifetime to zero and repairs on them are very, very costly. If you do buy it make plans to go to Camp Freightliner in Gaffney, SC. I went a couple months ago and learned more about proper care of my motor home in two days than I had learned in the entire previous year.

Tiffin has a reputation for standing behind their products. We visited the factory in Red Bay, Alabama last Fall for what we thought would be a set of minor repairs. Their initial inspection brought to light several major warranty issues that we hadn't known about which they repaired at no cost. I don't know if a 2005 model would still be under any kind of warranty but the work done at Red Bay is reasonably priced.

Also, I hope you know that the dealer is not your friend. Our dealership lied to us about having performed complete engine and transmission maintenance on our motor home before we took it home. When we were in Red Bay we had it inspected at Bay Diesel and found that no significant maintenance had been performed since the motor home had been manufactured. Fortunately there was no damage. Since the dealership hadn't put it in writing there wasn't much we could do except have Bay Diesel completely catch up on all necessary maintenance ($1500).

Good luck!

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