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LCI Jacks Air Dump On 2007 Damon Tuscany

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When I try to level our coach with our LCI jacks, only part of the air is dumped.

I can't find an air dump switch.

The air dumps when you start the auto level feature. This partial dump is not a problem unless (like last night) you are in a very unlevel spot. Both front wheels came off the ground when leveling. I tried to block the wheels but ran out of blocks. I could tell the coach was not down all the way before the jacks extended. This morning after the air was out, I re-leveled and both tires are on the blocks.

Is there a manual way to dump all the air?

The coach is a 2007 Damon Tuscany with a Freightliner Chassis.

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Contact your Mfg. and ask their tech where you might find to dump switch.

I had a problem with my Monaco one time. The solenoids would not release. It was suggested that I replace both valves. I purchased the valves and when I removed the first on I found my problem. Dirt Dobber had clogged the release port hole. Cleaned both hit the dump switch and down went the coach. (Took the valves back for full credit) When you get the tech on the line ask where the solenoids are located and check them to see if they might be clogged.

Good Luck.


PS: To all out there one of the first place to look for help would be to the Mfg.

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You were right Herman. We stopped at the Damon dealer today and they showed us how to dump air using the manual button on the leveling system. Easy, once you know how!

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