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Reducing Servicing Errors

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Reducing Servicing Errors

Those who take their coach to others for service (or those who do their own work, but whose memories are not what they used to be) should place up to three labels in the engine service area. These will address the majority of mistakes made by servicing techs.

One would be: "Oil Capacity Including Oil Filter XX qts." Label to be placed near oil fill.

Two: For those with Transynd in their Allisons: "Transynd ONLY." Label to be placed near transmission fill. Oil capacity with filters changed (NOT initial fill capacity) would also be a good idea.

Three: If other than standard coolant (low silicate for diesel with SCA) a label identifying what coolant is used. Most with Caterpillar engines who choose (like I did) to go with an Extended Life Coolant use Cat ELC because it is universally available at all Cat shops and has a proven track record in our engines. Locate the label near the coolant overflow reservoir. So: "Caterpillar ELC ONLY."

Brett Wolfe

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