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First Try @ A Post....

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Hi Guys...

I certainly have learned quite a bit about the Navy and Marines. It almost makes me afraid to introduce ourselves as non-military! Our son went to Panama with the 1/508 repelling with a mortar on his back at 18 and then to Desert Storm with the 101st airbourne and is still the Federal Resersves. Does that count and make us fit to be on this forum?

We have only been into rving since last May when we went to FL to pick up our coach. Clarke is not retired yet and while I don't work outside the home... I will never be retired because I have to take care of us both and Painter too!!! He has promised me retirement is on the horizon... it will happen next June.

So far we have stayed near to our home are only beginning to think about going out of state because there is a new 9% room and meals tax on campers here in NH this year. I don't understand how we can be taxed when we bring our own roof and food but the Gov. seems to think we should. This may be the start of our "far & wide" travel...

Seriously I have enjoyed reading Navy vs. Marine and hope someday we will be able to sit down and have a great chat.

I hope I have done this correctly... here goes... what do I press next?

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Hello Qjequack and Grammak!

We are a friendly group! Except for a few marines and sailors who are busy scrapping with each other. There is a service star to put in your "window" for your son (look on the photo section of the community) and that will make any sailor and marine stand up and salute!

We are coming through the NE this summer, join us and we'll get you out of state. NH isn't so big that you can't get out of state! Go to Ben-N-Jerry's Ice Cream in Burlington, Vermont! RVing is about exploring and having fun, even if just for a day or two. Spend a weekend in Newport, Rhode Island and explore the mansions along the sea. Take a drive to the Finger Lakes in New York! Just get out and go. If you catch the fever, follow it to where it takes you!

If you think Clarke is going to quit working when he retires to go RVing, think again. I'll bet he is the one who dumps the waste tanks! He will likely take care of hooking up the utilities and unhooking them when ready to move! It is a great life, everyone works, everyone has fun.

Welcome to the RV world!

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Guest Wayne77590

See my other post.

Tom's just jealous because when Sejay and I are picking on each other, he is out of mind!

Look at his Vietnam Service Ribbon and you can see that he served, but he won't say what branch for reasons not understandable. :rolleyes:

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I will bet a hot six pack that Tom was ARMY. Yep, a Dogface, for sure. He is not loud mouth enough to be a Marine and he cant cuss like a Sailor so he must be Army. I have yet to see him write ''Shux'' or ''Oh Fudge'' so he must be Army.. At any rate, I salute you my veteran friend and I thank you for your service to my country. So many chose to go to Canada during the Nam thing and we are better off without them.

If you can read, thank a teacher......

If you are free to write anything you think THANK A VETERAN ......

Seajay the sailor man

God bless our troops and bring them home safe

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