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Windshield Privacy Curtain Motor

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My wife and I have a Travel Supreme Select MH. Our motor for the windshield privacy curtain is getting weak.

All I can see is AMSOURCE but can't really find anything on that on the net.

If anyone has any help in a source to get a new motor please let me know.


Tim and Miriam

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Tim, I went outside the box on this one because I have no technical information regarding the drive system or shade design, but maybe its a starting point, is it a AC powered or DC powered system(s) ?

This looks like a system that uses AC power supplied system with a control panel to raise and lower a screen.

If one can not find the part maybe a good workaround can be found.


Could you post some pictures of the system and mountings ? Got to start somewhere !! and if its a DC or AC motor system.

DJ Specialties bought out there parts inventory I think.

P.O. Box 44

New Paris, IN 46553


Notice-- AMSource is part of this link.



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