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Tow Dolly Winch

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I tow a 2012 Hyundai Accent on a dolly. One major problem was the ratchets. I had the large ratchets that are needed for a 2 inch belt, which is recommended for that weight, Then I found that the car has very tight margins in the wheel wells and under the front bumper. When I tried to connect the ratchet to the front of the dolly, the ratchet would creep under the wheel well. There was no way one could butterfly the ratchet to release the belt. I tried a number of solutions, using smaller ratchets etc. The only thing that worked was tying the ratchet to the Y frame of the dolly farther up. This was OK, but I was not thrilled.

While on the road I saw the solution. There was another RV towing a dolly with a car loaded, but not held down with a ratchet. They had welded a small winch into the frame of the dolly. This prevents it from creeping into the wheel well. I was able to get 2 10,000 lb strength winches on sale at Princess Auto and paid 50 bucks to have them welded in place. Now I have a much more secure setup.


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