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Hydraulic Repair Of Slide Pump (HWH brand)

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Thanksgiving we were in Baton Rouge for a brief vacation. When we got ready to leave, my slideout pump, HWH brand assembly, stopped working after bringing in one slide.

We finally called a mobile mechanic, Leo Johnson, (225) 772-4305, that was recommended by the RV park. Great guy, friendly and informative. This was a Sunday afternoon. He couldn't get any info till Monday, so we stayed another night. Next day, he told us that the replacement assembly was $700 plus shipping and would not be available for a week with expedited shipping. He helped us manually push in the slides and we went home.

The pump assembly is located directly behind the door step and is easy to access. At home, I removed the assembly and looked for the pump manufacturer and found it on the internet. Love google. The pump (see pix) was only $97 and could be shipped in 2 days. I had to purchase it through a local distributor since the factory only sold to distributors.

I disassembled the pump tank and motor and pulled the pump out. For those of you who are my age, (64+), the drive motor looked like an old starter from a Ford or Chevy, held on by 2 bolts. I removed the motor from the assembly during re-install to remove weight from the assembly. The motor by itself seemed to weight as much as the rest of the assembly.

It was not a difficult job. All of the electrical was plug in, so I numbered the wires and took pics with my phone of their locations. Did the same with the hydraulic lines. It took about 3 hours to reassemble the pump, tank, motor AND install it in the RV. It works great and I saved $600 plus labor by doing it myself. Leo did tell me one thing that was interesting. He said that this is only the 2nd pump that he has seen go bad in 25 years of working on RV's. So, HWH builds a good unit, if that's the case.

Had a similar experience with an Avion 5th wheel and a broken door handle back around 2003. I couldn't get the part from Fleetwood, so I went to the internet. Bought it direct from the manufacturer. I love google for repairs.



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