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No Power To Trailer Wiring 6 Pin Plug

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I have a 95 Vogue RV. Wiring for trailer used to work. Had functioning power at the 6 pin plug for turn signals, brakes, running lights and a constant 12V for trailer brake (never used that part).

Now, I have no power for any of the functions. Nothing at all in the plug.

The coach lights are just fine.

Traced the wires back to a Cole Hersee tail light converter, (part of the factory wiring). No voltage at the output, but strangely, there is no voltage at the input side either. Is it possible that this converter is shorted internally and pulling down the input voltage?

Further up stream appears to be relays isolating the coach lights from the supply to the trailer. (I'm guessing this, not positive) So, I swapped these relays for exact ones in other circuits and they worked fine there. No change in the trailer power either swapping in from other locations-- still nothing.

Is it possible there would be an isolated 12V supply somewhere that would supply power for all the trailer functions that would be controlled by these relays? If so, any ideas where this would be controlled from? I can't find any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers anywhere.

Unfortunately, I do not have a complete wiring diagram. The farthest I can trace coming from up stream on the diagram ends with "to rear tail light harness" but no mention of relays or tail light converter.

Suggestions welcome.

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I'm sure you already thought of this, but, I had a similar problem.....my ABS light came on. Had it thoroughly checked at LazyDays, they said, nothing wrong with the electrical in the coach.

The problem was the blue coiled electric wires going from rig to car....causing a major short.

Sure enough, I took the coil ends apart and there was the culprit. About 3 wires had been pulled from the tiny screws. I, too, have the 6 pin.

Looked on the internet for a configuration of the wiring for the 6 pin.....found on YouTube I think. Searched Blue Ox 6 pin schematic.....came right up.

Maybe this would help. Biggest problem.....little tiny screws were missing.....impossible to find. Had to order from China!! They are #1 or #2 screws. No one sells them.

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