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Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

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We are anxiously planning our summer trip to the Maritimes and are looking for suggestions about the Cabot Trail. We intend on using a campground in Baddeck for our motorcoach for four nights as our home base and traveling the trail in our Jeep.

However, we're not sure of the best way to accomplish this. We'd like to travel part of the trail each day, returning to our campground at night. Is there a way to do this without retracing our steps several times over? We'd appreciate any advise from folks who have made this trip.

Thanks in advance. Jan and Dave Dolber

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Jan & Dave,

Welcome to the Forum.

For safety sake don't list your phone number on this or any web site. Folks will answer your questions here and I can assure you will receive several. It is best to ask folks to PM you (personal message).

If you would like to send a message to someone move your cursor over their name and a box will appear then click on send a message. It will be like a personal email.

Have fun on your trip and again welcome to the Forum

If you haven't joined FMCA please do so, you will never regret that you did.


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We visited NS last summer, we stayed at Ingonish, Broad Campground, the drive up was really bad, we made the Cabot trail and ended up at Cheticamp, they allowed us to move at no extra cost, the drive on that side is mostly ocean side, both campgrounds were good but Cheticamp was easier to drive.

Baddeck is a long way from the Highlands and as far as I can tell there is a east and a west road, they split if I remember correctly a Baddeck. Going up the east side for a MH is really tough, we made it but I would have driven over and around the park to go down the west side back to Baddeck.

You are going to drive more than necessary to go to the trail everyday, it is just a big loop through the park. I would suggest you camp at Cheticamp and drive over to Ingonish, about 65 miles plus the drive to Meat Cove.

Once is enough for that place, beautiful but not very much to see, the drive is really nice and a beautiful drive. When you are on the east side make sure and go to the docks at Neils Harbor, lobster and fishing village, whale watching tours. I hope you have the time to go south of Halifax, a lot of fishing history and Lunenburg is great, Peggy's Cove on the east coast south of Halifax.

If I go back to NS, I will leave my MH in Maine and take the car on the ferry to Digby or Yarmouth, drive up to the Highlands. Most of the roads to the smaller places is really tight after you leave the main highways. we enjoyed NS but did not plan to stay long enough, there is a lot to see but moving around is a little rough, we have friends in Margretsville and stayed with them three nights on Fundy Bay.

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