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  1. I have had trouble with the dash aire in my 2009 Dutch Aire, I have replaced every major part and it still leaks down. I have resigned to filling the freon every year, it will last about 3-4 months. I think it is a bad design but getting the AC company to agree is a problem. There are a lot of people that are having a problem with the Evans-Tempcon system
  2. Want to go through Big Bend National Park, found plenty of places to stay but nothing good close. Suggestions please. We are just staying 2-3 nights so we can forgo everything but 50 AMP, need AC in June I understand. 43' DP
  3. I am sure there is something causing the leaks. It has never had a leak in the same place. The first two the leak was on two different hoses and now it is in the front coil. The coil was checked the first two leaks then the third leak was in the coil. I had all three fixed but I am expecting another leak in a different place.
  4. We have a DW, we tried it once, not worth the time and water, then we started storing chip, crackers and such, that worked until one the grandsons walked by an pushed a button. Not we use it for what it was intended to do, we store our dishes in there and they travel really quite. I would not spend the money again on a dishwasher, but I will have to say there is a lot more room in the cabinets with the dish storage unit with no water hooked up only electricity to lock it closed. Now that I think about it maybe you should get a dish storage unit, it holds more dishes in the rack with less rattle than the cabinet. Good Luck
  5. I have the same problem. I have spent about $2000+ on Evan-Temcon. I have talked to them and Newmar. I was told the AC had a switch installed incorrectly, went to an Evan service center, they said they found the leak and replaced an $800 dollar hose, ordered it from Newmar. That lasted less than 6 months. I finally took it to a local auto AC guy in town and he found another leak in the front compartment different place but when checked there was no leak in the front just in the back. He only charged $285, he put dye in the system just in case. The leak this time was in the evaporator coil, another $1000. Now the new parts are at the dealer and they are to be installed next week before we leave on a two month trip. There was no leak in the coil the first two times. Then, the other leaks were fixed and all the sudden a big leak in the coil. I think that Evans tempcon should at least try to help but they were no help, just said it was not under warranty. I did not ask for warranty just someone that would give a little direction to find the problem. As most autos this coil is aluminum may be the problem, home ac's are usually copper for the most part. Anyway if I do ever trade again I will try to find a coach without Evans equipment, this is not the first time this has been discussed on the forum. I fully expect another leak at another place, These leaks are not hard to find, the one in the coil could be heard as soon as the gas went in, would leak out in just about one minute.You would think the first two times someone would have found a leak that big, make me think there is something wrong with the metal in the system.
  6. montie

    Our First Blog

    Was just there last July, as a matter of fact we spent July 4 in Eastport and enjoyed the great 4th of July celebration in Eastport, the next day we enjoyed Hurricane Arthur for about 24 hours. After that great time we traveled to PEI and NS, if I had too do it again I would skip PEI and stay in NS longer. One other thought, if we go again we will leave the MH in Maine and go over to NS in the car, diesel is very expensive and most roads are narrow and rough, especially the roads in the highlands. We stayed about 10 days and moved three times Highlands, outside Halifax and then over to Fundy Bay. We stayed in the state campgrounds in the Highlands, stay in Cheticamp especially if you take the MH, go up the west side and drive over to the east side. PEI was OK except for the bugs, if the wind was not blowing we stayed inside, we parked on the southern coast with lots of trees. Don't miss the south below Halifax (Lunenburg, Peggy's Cove) and down that eastern coast, if you like history. Fishing history on the east and early settlers on the west, if we do go back I think we would go over to Newfoundland. If you drive the MH go over to PEI first, drive across the bridge and take the ferry over from the south to NS, you only pay when you leave and it cost the same bridge or ferry. Last year diesel was about 4.50 to 5$ US. , no problem except up in the Highlands, fill up before you go up and you will have enough to make the trip, there are some places there that have diesel but really expensive. The road going up to Ingonish is terrible and very crooked and narrow. Both roads go out of Baddeck, a little over 50 miles to Cheticamp and 65 miles to Ingonish, Be Safe
  7. I am not sure this is where I need to ask this question but I cannot find the exact place for an answer to my question, so here goes. I have an 09 DP, with a tag. I bought the coach used and it has the original tires. The date on the tires is late 08, so that makes it the seventh year. If you did not know the date you would think by looking at the sidewalls they look new, not one crack, the rubber feels soft and fresh. I have inspected the tires with a glass and a light and have not found any deterioration what so ever. I talked to my Michelin dealer and he said that he would feel better if I replaced them this year, they have been inside my garage when not on the road and for the most part covered when outside, while inside I park them on a piece of plywood so they do not set on concrete. I clean them with the recommended cleaner and dress them with tire protectant and no harsh cleaners they are immaculate. My question, is the seven year rule always right? I thought about buying two new tires for the front and getting another year out of the duels and tag. They have pressure sensors and have never had to have nitrogen added. They have always had nitrogen which I am told allows the tires to run cooler. This weekend I drove about 200 miles and the temp never got over 90 degrees and they have never been run low or anything that would cause a internal breakdown. I did drive across NY last year on Hwy 90 which is the worst road in the USA when it comes to being rough. These tires have never been scrubbed on the sidewalls and have no excessive wear because of alignment and have 43,000 miles. I feel safe this year being the seventh year so maybe try the two tires after inspection next year. Some input please and thanks again, does my two new tires on the front make sense and by the way I usually drive 60 to 62 MPH. 315-80-22.5
  8. I would like to have a price on 8 315-80 22.5
  9. We visited NS last summer, we stayed at Ingonish, Broad Campground, the drive up was really bad, we made the Cabot trail and ended up at Cheticamp, they allowed us to move at no extra cost, the drive on that side is mostly ocean side, both campgrounds were good but Cheticamp was easier to drive. Baddeck is a long way from the Highlands and as far as I can tell there is a east and a west road, they split if I remember correctly a Baddeck. Going up the east side for a MH is really tough, we made it but I would have driven over and around the park to go down the west side back to Baddeck. You are going to drive more than necessary to go to the trail everyday, it is just a big loop through the park. I would suggest you camp at Cheticamp and drive over to Ingonish, about 65 miles plus the drive to Meat Cove. Once is enough for that place, beautiful but not very much to see, the drive is really nice and a beautiful drive. When you are on the east side make sure and go to the docks at Neils Harbor, lobster and fishing village, whale watching tours. I hope you have the time to go south of Halifax, a lot of fishing history and Lunenburg is great, Peggy's Cove on the east coast south of Halifax. If I go back to NS, I will leave my MH in Maine and take the car on the ferry to Digby or Yarmouth, drive up to the Highlands. Most of the roads to the smaller places is really tight after you leave the main highways. we enjoyed NS but did not plan to stay long enough, there is a lot to see but moving around is a little rough, we have friends in Margretsville and stayed with them three nights on Fundy Bay.
  10. we was in Maine at Eastport last July 5, remember Arthur, the hurricane, well we set through the storm and left a day or two after to make sure the roads were clear. We wanted to visit PEI so we drove the MH towing the car. We made it to PEi and usually we went to town to get out and away from the bugs, but we enjoyed the island other than the pesky bugs. We took the south ferry from Pei TO Nova Scotia, went north to the Highlands and then south, we have friends in Margaretsville and stayed with them 3 days. After driving and towing if I was to ever go again to Nova Scotia I would leave my coach in Maine, take the ferry to the west coast and stay in hotels. The drive going up to Ingonish is terrible, the roads are narrow and rough, the trucks never cease, I think they wait until you get about half through the turns and then attack, go up the east side to the Highlands. We stayed at Broad Cove at Ingonish, sites were OK but we had to change because of low trees. we drove over to Cheticamp on the west side, much better. The north Highlands are beautiful but the south has more stuff to see outside of mountains, lots of history, be sure and go to Lunenburg and Peggy;s cove area, Halifax is ok but mostly a city with lots of traffic, hard to get around but worth some time. We enjoyed our trip and stay about 3 weeks, really not enough time. Also in the south roads are so much better and wide enough for a big rig. if you do drive your MH besure and spend a little time in New Brunswick, we stayed at the a campground in St. Martins, Century Farms Family Campground, looking over the Fundy Bay. Be sure and visit the old store in St. Martins and visit with the ladies that own, great history lesson. One other thing, as I mentioned we stayed in Eastport Maine, not to far from Bar Harbor, some interesting local history and a great 4th of July parade
  11. montie

    Banff, Alberta

    We are will be there the first two weeks of September, will bugs still be bad?
  12. I am making reservations at Banff Tunnel Campground, I looked on the RV Reports and many said these were double and single sites, Doubles really tight for Big Rigs, has anyone stayed here and if so how can you make sure you get a single site.
  13. I also am going to this area this fall, Aug./Sept, I have reservations in Waterton Lakes/ Jasper. I was trying to book a site in Banff Campground, there are plenty of site but I read on RV review they are double sites. Does anyone know how to make sure you get a single site, 43' towing.
  14. We will be in PEI starting July 7, we are staying in Northumberland Park on the south side of the island, (Wood Island) we will be there 4 days and using our car to see the island. I have never been there before and just picked a place that was recommended for a big rig, on the ocean. We are going on to NS by crossing on the ferry close to the park.
  15. Just had time to look at map, I assume we would catch hwy 3 and go to Ellsworth, is that OK for a big rig towing.
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