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Cumputer System Software Mechanics

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Coach owners that are using VMSpc by Silverleaf. Be Ware !!!!!!

Just ran into an issue using a program sold by iOLO that will remove the drivers used by Silver Leaf.

I licked the way it worked, but it will look at the VMSpc driver as a second operating system and remove it, if one runs the repair all funtion.

The file that removes the software is titled CRUDD !

This file shows up when you go into the Tools folder - To pick and choose items one wants to rum manually.

I contacted them yesterday and mentioned the issue and its ramifications. They sent me there latest version to try and it still removes what they consider a second system operating driver and wants to remove it !

So You might want to look for some other supplier for you software mechanic / system cleaner, if you are or plane to run the Silver Leaf engine monitoring system.


I reloaded the VMSpc drivers 5 times before pining down the problem area in the cleaner I had installed just recently.

NOTE 1- Silverleaf is now aware of the problem and it will be posted on there web page for reference.

NOTE 2- All the system files save and your Gage displays tend to be intact when you reload the VMSpc drivers.

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