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First Time in For Maintenance

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Greetings, everyone. We just got our motor home back from the shop after they had it for 10 days - 4 of those were weekend days so I guess only 6 work days. They did maintenance and they also got everything set up for towing.

We have a 2008 Newmar MountainAire that had 41,000 miles on it when we bought it in November and we have driven almost 5,000 miles on a trip to Texas and back.

As I have said since joining FMCA, I know nothing - absolutely nothing - about mechanics so I want to make sure I get all the routine maintenance done that I possibly can to keep our unit in good shape. They did a 5k maintenance on the engine including checking everything and changing the oil and all the filters (oil, fuel, air). They did a generator service. They did a transmission service which they said will not be needed again for 3 years. The replaced a hub cap that I think we lost driving on some pretty horrible interstate roads through Houston. They replaced the 50amp cord - I had told them that it wasn't going in and out like it was supposed to and asked them to check it and they said it needed replacing. I do know there was some electrical tape on it in places so replacing seemed like a good idea. We had one slide out that wouldn't lock when we put it in and they fixed that. Had a hard time getting that done they said but it locks now when it is supposed to. They checked all the slideouts. They checked and serviced the leveling system.

Wasn't cheap but I think we are set for awhile.

Look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks in Perry. David

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