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IM File usage

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Just looked at my IM folder and wanted to know what percentage of used space has been used and could not fine the box that allows me to delete items so my in box does not fill up.

Got to be missing something or it moved.

Thanks  Richard 

Just Found out where and how to delete messages ! under the options button.

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Thanks Tom. The limit of the message usage has not been an issue, I just have to remember to go there and delete massages from time to time. LOL When the format changes it challenges my old gray matter !

The limit on attaching pictures offers a challenge, but I did fine that attaching a word dox. with a picture works. I'm not the brightest light bulb in the box when it comes to all the options one can use to get them to the members. The weakness is hopping the intended recipient has a word software. I really do understand the reason for the limit a data storage requirements.   

You and the IT group Do a great job, Thanks so much for your dedication!


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