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Cptsmith1, Welcome to the FMCA forum!

Google that engine and read as much as you can about it before you make a decision. If it were me I would look at a different product. You could probably find fault with most engines, or anything for that matter on the web if you dig hard enough as there is no "perfect" engine out there but some are better than others. I just rebuilt a 2013 for a customer that rolled a piston in a cylinder (not in an RV but the same engine). If I were hunting for a coach in that size I would look at a Ford platform with a V10, I have seen utilities run them over 300,000 miles and they idled most of the day (not clocking mileage) with little to no problems. If you are seeking a larger Diesel Pusher coach look at an inline 6 cylinder CAT or Cummins. Certain years of these and certain engines had some problems also. Just do your homework.



Good luck shopping, while it may seem frustrating it can also be fun and exciting.

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