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  1. matnkat

    2019 Rallies

    We are considering going to this 2019 Rally in Indio, CA. We are new to RVing. It's at the Riverside Fairgrounds - we're unsure of the hookups, facilities, amenities. Our Coach has a generator but would prefer shore power. Does the Riverside Fairgrounds have water and sewer hookups? We don't yet have our Toad ready to be towed - How far are the venues from the RV spots? Should we consider renting a car or cart, or bring bicycles? It may help if there was a place for me to research past Rallies at Indio. Is there a reason behind the Theme of the Rally? We had fun at the FMA Western Region Rally in Yuma. We look forward to attending others for the variety and fellowship. Thanks in advance for your input. Matt and Katrina
  2. matnkat

    Boogey Lights

    Nice accessory. You'll never forget where you camped.
  3. We're newbies (not scared, just a little decision trauma). We are new RVers, and new owners of a 2018 Fleetwood Flair 31' V10 gas. It can tow neither my 2010 F150 nor her 2015 RX350. We are considering replacing my truck for a Toad. The decision trauma is Tow Dolly vs Flat Tow. I'm considering Flat Tow since I'm buying anyway. Considering a 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback to be as light as possible (~2800#). Question: If Flat Towing, does the vehicle rack up miles on the odometer? No doubt it wears on tires and bearings. My thought is a tow dolly would save on the vehicle's tires, bearings and mileage if Flat Towing adds to its odometer. I'm sure the answers are out there. Thanks in advance! Safe Travels!
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