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  1. I joined FMCA because it is a motor coach association. If FMCA approves towables, then I see no reason to renew my membership. Another thought, Family Motor Coaching Magazine tends to review higher end motorhomes. If it would spend more pages on entry level to mid-level coaches maybe more would be interested in being members. Also, I believe, since it an association and we are the members, then why do we not know what the line item expenses and salaries are. They could be posted as a downloadable file on the web site. It should be reported much like a school district as to public report annually this information.
  2. What a great idea. I am sitting in motorhome in Florida and reading the Feb. issue online. Very easy to use. Now to try it on my tablet.
  3. Saved a bundle using FMCA's Michelin Advantage program. The savings will pay for many years of FMCA dues. Thanks for the program FMCA and Michelin.
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