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  1. Thanks so much. The system looks easy enough with not a lot of electronics involved amd I like the KISS method.
  2. I hear a lot about Blue Ox and Roadmaster tow bars. I have looked at NSA Hercules tow bar and don't see much information on it in the forums. It has a self contained braking system with it. I wonder if anyone on the forums here can give me feedback and their experience on the NSA product please?
  3. Newbie here. we just bought our new 2019 Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE 38F RV. But we have a problem with the water heater and the dealership only speaks French which we do not speak. The deal on the RV was excellent tho. However, I find it difficult to communicate with them about this problem and they don’t seem to have any solutions. problem is 2 fold. 1 - water is not hot enough at 124 degrees. We have turned off all shower and outside water taps and it still isn’t hot enough that I have to take my hand out from under pure hot water. We have set this temp up to max on the electronic control. We had a tank in our last rv and it was great. Is this normal for a tankless water heater or am I missing something? 2 - when connected to city water (hose) the water heater kicks in right away and starts producing ‘hot’ water (see #1 above). When not connected to city water and just using the onboard water pump, the hot water heater will not kick in if we open 1 tap in the rv. But if I open 2 taps, the heater kicks in and produces ‘hot’ water. If I close one tap the water heater shuts down until I open the second tap. Cab anyone help us please? Thanks
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