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  1. Alrighty Thanks Bill Good to have the manual on my phone now.
  2. Bill Chevy 2019 3/4 diesel, it’s already been installed with a blue ox and air force one breaking system. I was ask what kind of battery disconnect I had, I don’t so I was told about steering pump burning up! So was just needing some info. I have something else that’s probably going to be a issue my pick up is 4 door long bed and we’re a total length of 70’ feet long🤭
  3. Installer did not put a battery disconnect on pickup, does it required one? I have been told power steering pump is electric over hydraulic so with key on it will burn up pump! Was needing some clarification.
  4. Was thinking of purchasing a dash camera, what’s my options? Also placement on such a big windshield, class a?
  5. Is there locking fuel caps for class a and def caps? If so where do they sale😃
  6. Coach does not have a ladder! Where’s the best place to install plaque?
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