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  1. We have a 2004 HR Imperial PDT (mid entry door instead of the front bus style door) with the 400 HP ISL, great coach, our issue is with the previous owner and his love of upgrading electronics and adding gadgets (wasn't too good at the installation of them tho), the last 6 months has been spent chasing one electrical gremlin after another, we're now looking at a 06 Monaco Chateau 600 HP to replace it with.
  2. UPDATE: Problem was a power wire to the starter that was pinched, without a load it was reading 13.4 volts as soon as you tried to start it dropped to 5.2 volts. We are back to being mobile - Thanks Everyone for the help!!!
  3. Plugged everything back in and tested the 2 fuses in the VMI which both read 12.3V
  4. Here's where I'm at, On the VMI I have 13.4 volts at Pin J1 and J2 and 2.2V at pin C1 with the ignition off, when ignition is on pin J1 and J2 drops to 5.4V and C1 stays at 2.2V From the VMI to the ECU I'm not getting any power with or without the key, batteries are charged and no difference with battery boost pushed
  5. I actually pulled and replaced fuses in the electrical compartment (I learned this lesson also the hard way), haven't checked the module box (wasn't aware of it - have the side panel off and can see the bottom of the shift plate, I see a box mounted below it with two plugs going to it. can't see much else due to the wiring harnesses.
  6. Found this White Wire on the right side of the transmission that wasn't connected, the only place it looks to connect to is a sensor, it's not a "hot" wire and the grime on the end tells me it's been hanging loose for awhile, but I'll keep looking.
  7. I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction, we've been dealing with a starting issue since Jan 2nd, while I'm not a RV Mechanic I am a retired after 40 years as a Aircraft Mechanic so I do have some troubleshooting experience. Here's my issue - I sent this to a highly rated RV mechanic in Las Vegas NV (we're at RV Resort in Pahrump NV). "I'm hoping you can help us, we're a little out of your area in Pahrump but we're in need of service. 2004 Holiday Rambler Imperial DP 400 HP Cummin's the issue is that we're not getting power to the Allison Transmission Control Panel. I have checked fuses with no luck, issue started with ATC light flickering about 1/2 hour before we stopped, but no issue with running until we went to leave 3 days ago, turned on the ignition and first thing I noticed was the wait to start light wasn't lit, waited a few minutes then tried again with no luck, went ahead and tried starting but it was a no go, checked fuses all good, shore and chassis batteries are fully charged (did have one of eight shore batteries with a broken ground post so I replaced with same AGM amperage battery, turned off all pwr to reset computer but a no go, next was to check for codes at the engine diagnostic port - no power at the port, I have a wiring diagram but it doesn't show the diagnostic port that I've been able to see so I can't trace where the common fuse would be. I know it's common because if I hook a hot wire to the power pin on the port the trans control panel lights up and starter solenoid clicks but it doesn't get enough juice to start." This was the reply I received this morning from the mechanic: "I am sorry but we have run into this issue before and were not able to resolve, and do not want to risk the trip and labor involved trying to figure it out and not be able to. We wish you luck with this issue." I've already had 1 mechanic spend a couple of hours on the coach and he got no further then I, another mechanic I had a appointment with called back and said he'd be a few hours because he forgot his wife had a doctors appointment - that was last Friday. My last resort is calling FMCA road service and get this coach towed 60 miles to Las Vegas. Thanks
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