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  1. FYI if anyone here has a Forest River Georgetown, FR3, GT5 or GT7 any age I'd like to invite all FMCA members to the new site on Facebook for assistance on any thing you may need assistance on your motorhome. It is called: Georgetown RV Owners Group (aka GROG) We have over 2,000 present active owners/members and growing fast after being active only since last year. We have planned rally, mini rally's, documentation on equipment and a great group of experts on all subjects. Hope you take the time and find us. Just answer a few basic questions and you are part of a private group. Hope to see you there. John I aka Iggy Georgetown RV Owners Group (GROG) | Facebook
  2. I have read so many reviews about roadside assistance it seems to be a waste of money. If you get a flat you still have to buy a tire so if someone comes out you get what from roadside assistance? If your motorhome engine or transmission has a problem is where it seems to be touchy about what they will do. Most of us big motorhomes will have to be towed with large tow trucks cause large flatbeds aren't that many around the USA. So the policy says they tow you to the nearest service provider. I have read many providers they tow you to can't do any repairs then you are stuck there in someone's parking lot who can't help you. When you call back, they tell you that you cannot be towed to any other place else because they did their part as per the policy. So now you have to find on your own dollar aa tow truck to take you to a qualified and able to help mechanic and not a gas station mechanic. Ford Dealer, Freightline chassis service center or someone who can do the work. So now you spend $500 more to get towed and the policy will not reimburse you. So why not save your money and fly on your own and pay on your own? It just seems they are all a big scam to not give you what you pair for. I know some here will say read your policies fine print... I'm willing to pay for a tow to a dealership who can do the work with no limits on miles, but that policy doesn't exist in FMCA, GS or any other company that sells insurance policies. So, lets here from all who think these policies are worth your hard-earned money. I don't want to hear from the ones who had 1 instance but want to hear from all who have the horror stories to tell and agree what I say above.
  3. Joined April 2022 After 5 days since I posted this information not one of you want to say anything about this practice. Still waiting for any email or snail mail from FMCA. Funny I do get lots of FMCA email advertisements. All I'm asking is my ID card and plaque. Is that asking too much? -------------------------------------- Only email I got after joining. April 2022 Welcome to FMCA! Below are your membership details: Don't wait, check out our latest membership information! Log into your FMCA.com online account to access: Your digital membership kit and print your membership cards View the latest issue of Family RVing Magazine Familiarize yourself with our numerous member benefits Find an upcoming Event or Chapter in your area If you have additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us at membership@fmca.com or give us a call at (800) 543-3622. Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday. Sincerely, Aaron White Director of Membership www.FMCA.com (513) 388-5310 P.S. To let other RVers know about your FMCA experience, please consider leaving us a review on FMCA.com or Google
  4. Joined months ago and had one email saying your FMCA plaque is delayed because they don't have a vendor. No other communications. I also would like an ID Card and yes I know I can print one out here. So what did I pay for? At the moment access to the private FMCA forum.
  5. This is great for everyone to review. A great link to the VFW website and Flag protocols. Flag Etiquette - VFW
  6. Five, You are 100% correct and I have forwarded your remarks to the President of the SMART FMCA Chapter and assured me that it will not happen again in future displays. Thank you very much in catching this error and hope this will make insure our American Flag is properly flown and draped properly and respectfully. Thank You, John I
  7. John I USAF 1968 - 1989 Master Sargant E7 Combat Engineer, Red Horse, Prime Beef. (Similar to Navy Seabees) Electrical Power Generation, Forward Air Control, Electronics Specialist SAC, TAC, Space Command Cheyanne Mountain Colorado Vietnam 1969-1971, 21st Tactical Air Support (I & II Corp Areas)
  8. iggy

    Iggy's on the Road Pictures

    Just a few pictures while on the road travelling.
  9. Rayin Take a look what I wrote on the Veterans forum here. Did you know FMCA has a Joint Military Chapter? - Veterans Corner - FMCA RV Forums – A Community of RVers
  10. FMCA Announcement and Introduction to SMART A new collaboration between SMART and the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). Special Military Active Recreational Travelers (SMART) brings military veterans, and their families together to share camaraderie, travel, camping, and support to our veterans. All active, retired, and honorably discharged veterans from U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces, interested in recreational travel, and sharing the camaraderie developed in the military are welcome. This includes; Reserve, National Guard, Air National Guard, Coast Guard, and also USPHS, and NOAA. Who’s A Veteran? - A veteran, as defined by federal law, moral code and military service is; “Any person who served for any length of time in any military service branch.” Emphasis on serving Veterans - We have chapters for full-timers, golfers, and for members who just like to travel. Married or single, owning a motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, truck camper, or pop-up, our chapters offer activities to include: simple pleasures such as playing games, socializing, sharing potluck meals on weekend camp-outs, and monthly luncheons; to involvement in community activities, and volunteering at Veterans' Homes and Hospitals. Members volunteer and participate in Habitat for Humanity, the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots, Sew Much Comfort, and others. Website SMART FMCA (smartrving.org)
  11. Yes Herman. I have heard the same good people and entertainment on the back porch. Also overnight prices a lot more reasonable than closer to town.
  12. Hi, Been in FMCA a short time and wanted to stop and say hello to my fellow Brothers and Sisters. Retired USAF 1968 - 1989 Lets see if anyone here knows about my Squadron. 21st TASS out of Cam Rahn Bay. "Hit My Smoke" FAC Call Sign "India India"
  13. I will be heading from Arizona cross county soon with many stops along the way. Been to all previously stops except Nasville Tennessee which we have 7 nights layover. We are staying north out of town at the Grand Ole RV Park. I know about the Grand Ole Opry and that's it. How about a fun River boat dinner cruise or a City tour your liked and any other attractions you really enjoyed. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Iggy
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