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  1. Thank you all just good start on some comparisons I need since it’s all new to me
  2. First time towing a toad 425 hp Cummins 2009 Damon essence Allison 3000 trans 82 degrees outside towing Jeep Grand Cherokee flat for most part temp was 180 to 199 degrees I was wondering what I should expect any help
  3. Were in Iowa so we like traveling from Michigan west basically we are signed up for minot. yes they were chapters I believe one from Wisconsin and Minnesota can’t remember off hand the third. we are flexible like sightseeing and just relaxing and visiting.
  4. I recently attempted to contact a couple Midwest groups listed for camping and haven't heard a reply from either of the 3. Can anyone tell me are the list current? I got off the list off the fmca website-- the contacts mostly through emails been approximately 4 months ago. Is there another source I could go to for current groups Keith
  5. Hey thanks that’s a lot appreciated keith
  6. thank you all i will try and locate for lubing. i am purchasing a set of tires so we can inspect the brake drum then keith
  7. I thought for sure they may have stuck but trucks ive driven with a similar brake before once loose your OK. But I've never received a chatter when applied after using either Where do you lube them? I haven't ever done that. keith
  8. I have started to go over my mh to prepare for summer trips I have a Damon essence diesel with air brakes. I had it running last week-- pressure built up so I released the brake and it acted like it was stuck on. After i revved up the engine it broke loose. I drove it to a shop to get oil and filters replaced it ran and acted fine. its never acted like it before but I haven't had it that long to know its only got 15k on it. I went to move it again week later and it did it again, I only moved it about 100 feet this time the brakes made a noise like they were sticking or or wanting to cling on. When I drive everything sounds fine just when I applied the brake. I wasn't sure if humidity was playing a part or not it has been wet as of late even at storage building. Keith
  9. Keithl

    battery bulge

    Considering a battery new 9 months earlier how often should a person check water level? I'm assuming the dealer checked before installation. but i think the dealer lacks in some of there service abilities.
  10. Keithl

    battery bulge

    Yes I see now that I probably should have checked water level before storage and checked level of charge just didn’t expect the batteries to break or bulge we store in an area that doesn’t get much below 30 degrees
  11. Keithl

    battery bulge

    I have a question in regards to house battery during storage. This winter my coach batteries-- 2 bulged and 1 actually cracked on 2 ends. I had the coach plugged in to a 110 household outlet is all any ideas what could have caused it i was told by the dealer they were new as of January 2018 the 4th seems to be OK but 0 charge i am replacing them but not sure what the cause could have been. keith
  12. Dutchmen where exactly is the box you describe up front by hydraulic do you have to open the box
  13. Is the hydraulic area also for the slides? If they went in OK would that make a difference?
  14. i just purchased this 2009 Damon used it twice now the levelers won't retract. We have an RV with Lippert Jack system. We have reset the system and still nothing. I pulled up the methods with the allen wrench but i can't fit the drill in the area to use not sure if I'm even in the right location-- I'm not mechanical. What can we try next? keith
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