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  1. Generac has no suggestions, tried Thor customer service, they gave me a number to contact but he is unable to help either. Still trying but running out of options.
  2. Thanks WildBill! Sorry I stepped away for a few days. The voltage was at 12.7. I have tried with engine running, no difference. Checked all fluids, breakers. I will check ground connection. Another problem I have is no one wants to work on these Generac Motorhome Generators. I have a Generac dealer 2 miles from my house and they say that they stopped making the motorhome generator and don’t service them.
  3. Thank you, yeah checked those right away, unfortunately it wasn’t either one.
  4. 2005 class A Damon Astoria motorhome with 7500 watt Generac generator. Was using generator when traveling on road, used it for microwave and no problems. After shutting it off, tried using it again and won’t turnover. Later I heard clicking noises near fuse box or converter, not sure where. I reset breaker on generator even though it didn’t trip to see it would work but no change. I have a converter, I don’t have an inverter. Not sure if the fuse is blown, I will check. Any other ideas? Tim
  5. Yeah, I am not going back to that location, they were installing a different type of toilet for me or I would have used my local rv mechanic. Thank you!
  6. I have it scheduled to have it looked at and have the burner serviced. I looked at it myself in the spring and cleaned the igniter.
  7. I have not had the burner serviced. I wasn’t sure at the time if it wasn’t working on electric or propane and told them to look at it assuming they would check both but they only checked when plugged in and said everything was working fine.
  8. Motorhome Refrigerator doesn’t work when on propane , it’s set on auto. Works fine when plugged in. Propane tank is full. Propane switch is on. Had camping world look at it and they couldn’t find anything wrong but only checked it when plugged in. Any suggestions as to why is won’t work on propane? Thank you!
  9. Thank you I will give it a try.
  10. I replaced the generator voltage regulator and it’s acting up again. I can run 1 A/C unit at a time, microwave comes on but won’t warm food. Only getting 80 volts to coach. Repair shop thinks it’s a bad regulator that I put in, I bought it new from Generac. Any idea’s? I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Tim
  11. Had a technician come to Campground he discovered the power switch at the door needed replaced. Thank you for your suggestions.
  12. Surge shows on and at power pole ok. Generator puts out power. Did not check at receptacles, will check tonight. Not sure on battery voltage. Still need to test transfer switch. Thanks
  13. No power when generator is running
  14. 2005 Holiday Rambler Imperial 400 BP diesel pusher type A motorhome. During lightning storm I arrived at Motorhome, entered turning on lights which dimmed (brown out) to almost black. So turned lights off. After storm lights would not work. only plug in receptacles work. I installed a new inverter box, but no change. Removed surge protector and plugged directly to power plug , no change. Looking for ideas.
  15. It turned out to be a bad generator voltage regulator.
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