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  1. Can you do damage to a motorhome using auto leveling, manual mode?
  2. I spoke with the technician who is putting together new parts he said similar things about fragments. Thank you for your help. Tim
  3. I was told both times that the compressor locked up and caused the belt to fail. It will be towed tomorrow to the repair shop but initial inspection indicates A/C compressor locked up. Thanks for your help.
  4. I recently broke down for the second time due to faulty A/C compressor that locked up, which caused the serpentine belt to fail. The first time was September of 2022 which I wrote off as it being a 2005 Cummins engine in a diesel pusher that it was just worn out, I took it to a Cummins dealer and they replaced the compressor and belt. On my way home from a trip this week the same thing happened again. Seems to be too much of a coincidence? The 24 hours service technician that looked at it while broken down in a parking lot said it appears to just be a faulty part. I’m having it towed tomorrow to their shop for replacement. Any ideas what else may cause two A/C compressors to fail in such a short period? Tim
  5. It turns out that all I needed was to reset the voltage regulator after I replaced it, it works fine now. Thanks for your advice. Tim
  6. Thank you all for your advice, I will do some more investigation. Tim
  7. I have a 2005 Damon Astoria 38’ diesel pusher motorhome. It has a 300 Cummins engine that has been diagnosed with a turbocharger that had failed and the actuator will only open 64%, also the manifold gasket is leaking at the #6 cylinder. The Cummins dealer wants $11,000 to repair. The engine runs good pulls a motorcycle trailer with ease. Do I risk breaking down if I don’t get it fixed? Tim
  8. Generac has no suggestions, tried Thor customer service, they gave me a number to contact but he is unable to help either. Still trying but running out of options.
  9. Thanks WildBill! Sorry I stepped away for a few days. The voltage was at 12.7. I have tried with engine running, no difference. Checked all fluids, breakers. I will check ground connection. Another problem I have is no one wants to work on these Generac Motorhome Generators. I have a Generac dealer 2 miles from my house and they say that they stopped making the motorhome generator and don’t service them.
  10. Thank you, yeah checked those right away, unfortunately it wasn’t either one.
  11. 2005 class A Damon Astoria motorhome with 7500 watt Generac generator. Was using generator when traveling on road, used it for microwave and no problems. After shutting it off, tried using it again and won’t turnover. Later I heard clicking noises near fuse box or converter, not sure where. I reset breaker on generator even though it didn’t trip to see it would work but no change. I have a converter, I don’t have an inverter. Not sure if the fuse is blown, I will check. Any other ideas? Tim
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