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  1. Yeah, there's only 1 switch. When I first looked at the rv in a storage bldg. he turned on the switch by the door and all the lights storage areas lit up.
  2. I spoke with previous owner and he said there's only 1 switch which is by the entry door. The entry switch lights up but none of the storage compartment lights come on. Still looking.
  3. I will look for another light switch. There's one at the entry and when I turn it on, no lights.
  4. Recently I was going to replace a few burned out light bulbs in the 38' Damon Astoria storage basement area. I turned on the lights but nothing happened in any of the compartments. Obviously I figured it was a breaker or fuse. With my limited experience (new 1st time motorhome owner) I looked at all the fuses and double checked the breakers and did not find any problems,. What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks!
  5. I ended up up venting thru the air bleed on top of the 'stat housing. and added more coolant. No more alarms! 😀 Test drive on freeway and temperature remains on the cooler side of normal at75 mph and on grades. So new Cummins thermostat, clean CAC, clean radiator, no more high temperatures. Thanks everyone from rookie RVers! Quote
  6. I replaced the thermostat with Cummins part, cleaned CAC and radiator good. Started engine and immediately got stop engine light and alarm, did I trap air? I vented radiator thru upper petcock until I got coolant for a few seconds and had heater running. Noticed temperature guage did not move either.
  7. I'll remember to wash it before I put it back😁
  8. I plan to do the cleaning and change thermostat this weekend and see how it does. Is the thermostat on a 2005 300 HP Cummins diesel difficult to replace?
  9. Put toothbrush in my coach toolbag
  10. Cleaned thermocouple tip with toothbrush, fired right up using a match, thanks for the "tip".
  11. Turns out I was low on coolant. I put in 1/3rd of gallon, rv center said all they did was add 1 pint of coolant and now it works fine. Seems odd I was just 1 pint old, but hey it works fine now.
  12. tried lighting oven in motorhome, pilot won't light, worked fine 5 weeks ago.
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