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  1. Thank you for your reply! I did read about going a route that takes you over Wolf Creek pass. We've been down steep grades before in a previous 40'er, but its been several years. We are now in a "new to us" 2006 and still getting used to it. I'll have to ponder my risk level. :]
  2. My first time posting and new to FMCA! Can I get some help from seasoned travelers? I'd like to get advice on trip planning from THE OZARKS, (Eureka Springs) to Moab, UT. We drive a 40' Allegro Bus and tow a Ford F150. I'd like to ensure a safe but scenic route thru northern Ark, thru the pan handle of OK , over to Northern NM, then Colorado and on to Moab. With this long of a rig, I want to be safe but also avoid interstates as much as possible. Looking for more scenic State highways, if possible. Can you help?
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