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  1. Good point. I think that there is a separate breakaway switch that is mounted on the toad and connected to motorhome via a cable. On the toad side the breakaway switch has a cable which plugs into the Patriot. If the switch is activated by the pull of the cable if the motorhome and toad are detached the patriot activates the brake in the toad.. But as you point out I need to check this out.
  2. I have read through the posts on the Cherokee “Death Wobble” issue and like to learn if there are any updates on this issue and I have a few other questions. I have currently placed a deposit on the 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk and need make a decision about the purchase. 1. There was discussion that the Cherokee 2019 Trailhawk model KLJH74 (not the Grand Cherokee version) does not require the Mopar flat tow harness developed for the 2014-2018 Cherokee Models to be installed. Does recent experience bear this out or does the harness need to be installed? There was discussion this issue was not clearly resolved. 2. If I understand the manual correctly the Trailhawk is towed with the power transfer unit shifted into neutral, the transmission in park, the parking brake released, and the ignition turned off, and the key removed from the ignition. With the ignition off and the Trailhawk in park being towed, I assume that the battery is still being drained while in park. There is forum discussion about the Trailhawk battery going dead. When flat towing is the charge from the motorhome though the 7 pin connection to connector on the Trailhawk sufficient through to keep the battery charged while towing on long trips. If not, what is suggested to do? 4. What are the consequences to the Trailhawk is the Trailhawk’s battery fails (lacks charge) during flat towing? 5. I am considering us a Blue Ox base plate for the Trailhawk. Any coments. 6. I am plan to use a Blue OX patriot braking system with a seperate 12 volt connector installed for the Patriot. Can I assume that the Blue Ox will work well with this type of system? I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks, Ken
  3. I have a 2014 Allegro L.A. gasser. I am looking at the Chevy Equinox to tow four wheels down to replace my 2003 Ford. To add to the discussion on previous pages of the Equinox: 1. The Mechanic that would install the baseplate and wire the motorhome 7 pin connection to the toad told me that he thinks the Premier trim would be best. I think he said that other trims may avoid voltage/battery charge problems. I will check back with that I understood him correctly. Has anyone else experienced similar issues. 2. In rigging up the toad has anyone used the battery charge function that is available from the 7 pin connection of the motorhome to charge to battery on the toad directly with a trickle charge? Or, as some have mentioned in other threads used an external unit to maintain the battery at full change given the Acc must be turned on while flat towing with the possible accessories turned off. 3. I intend to use my Blue Ox patriot as the auxiliary braking system on the Equinox. On my previous toad it was hooked up through the 12 volt Cigarette Lighter to operate. The person that would be wiring the Equinox could install an auxiliary 12 volt to under the dash to operate the Patriot braking system. How do other people using the Equinox hook up the auxiliary brake. 4. My last question refers to the engine on the Equinox. Consumer Reports suggests that one might consider the 2.0L for a bit more pep. I am not a fast driver. Upgrading to the 2.0L would be an expense. So, I was wondering how other Equinox owners felt about the drivability of the 1.5L.and their general satisfaction with the Equinox as a toad. Any responses would be appreciated. Here are sections from the 2019 and 2018 Equinox manuals that indicate significant changes on models that can flat towed. I cannot attest to the accuracy to any changes. 2019 Manual The Front-wheel-drive (1.5 L gas, 2.0Lgas, and 1.6L diesel engine) and all-wheel-drive (2.0L gas and 1.6L diesel engine) vehicles may be dinghy towed from the front. These vehicles can also be towed by placing them on a platform trailer with all four wheels off of the ground. All other engine/transmission combinations must be towed by platform trailer. 2018 Manual Front-wheel-drive (1.5 L Gas FWD/1.6 L Diesel) and all-wheel-drive (1.6 L Diesel only) vehicles may be dinghy towed from the front. These vehicles can also be towed by placing them on a platform trailer with all four wheels off of the ground. All other engine/ transmission combinations must be towed by platform trailer. Thanks, Ken
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