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  1. A lot of vehicles do not come with spare’s anymore. A lot of the factors are because communication (everyone has a cell phone to call road service, or the vehicle is equipped with satellite link for emergency), weight( ties into fuel economy), fuel economy, run flats, and cost of actual tire and having to design it in the vehicle. A lot people don’t know but when you have a dual rear axle you can temporarily run one tire on it at low speeds. So if you lose a steer you pull off a rear and use it for the steer , you lose a rear you just pull it off. Now if you don’t have real duals your screwed you definetly need to have a spare.
  2. Hi Herman, What sizes you listed are what are suppose to be on the coach according to its sticker. The prior owner I bought it from put 295/75 on the coach all around a year and half ago. The issue is the rims are to small for 295/75. 295 tires are suppose to have a minimum rim width of 8.25, the rims that are on it are only 7.50 inches wide.
  3. No they are 10 lug. Thanks for the offer.
  4. Good Morning, I recently bought the coach and the prior owner put these incorrect new tires on.
  5. Wolfe, i finally figured out the signatures. There is an option for showing signatures in the settings that's not on until you turn it on. Thanks again.
  6. my two cents, craigslist worked great for me. Also I met a gentlemen last weekend at quartzsite who buys coaches from private parties. He goes through them completely and makes sure everything is spot on and working correctly. If not he gets them fixed "properly" and then puts them up for sale. He showed me a prevost at the show and hands down he new everything about it, the prior owner, why he sold it, the whole story. That's hard to find and aslo to find a person who is so passionate about it. I have his info in my coach, ill get the paperwork and get his contact info. He has a website with all of his coaches that he is selling. On his website he said each coach has everything listed about them and said each have over 50 hi rez photos. He's asking 238k for the prevost FYI, its unbelievable.
  7. So I have some updates. I talked to my sales rep for my forklift tire supplier, which they also do heavy duty truck tires and road service. Reputable company here in southern California. told him the story and he said your fine run them. Called Toyo (this is a little amusing) talked to a lady from the tech department and told her the story she said " Oh. well that will void the warranty and you will get a little abnormal tire wear". Told her the tires are on a motorhome and advised her the tires would probably rot before I ever ran into tire wear issue. This is where it gets good. She says "hold on a second", puts me on hold for about 2-3 minutes. First thing she says when she picks up the line "nope, tires will fall off". So i chuckled and told her "we went from abnormal tire wear to wheels falling off since i was on hold"? So in a nutshell Toyo says No, my tire guy says your fine. The prior owner of the coach is a pretty nice guy and advised me to call him with any questions. Im debating whether i should call him and get the tire shop he used and have them replace the tires. I'm pretty sure when i bring this up to the tire shop that Toyo Says "Nope, the tires will fall off" they will most likely be accommodating. Im pretty sure i know who replaced the tires if my memory serves me right but want to make sure if i cause a stink. Or i just get the rims Kay showed me and have them swapped over and call it a day. So i guess the moral of the story is don't always trust what shops recommend and research it and tell them what to put on.
  8. Thanks Kay, Yeah those are it but not in the dura-brite version. I might have to settle if nobody can get the Dura-Bright version. See below 88311 - Ball Seat 22.5" x 8.25" on 11.250" bolt circle FINISH PART NUMBER Dura-Bright® Polished Both Sides 883113DB Clean Buff Both Sides as applicable³ 883117 SPECIFICATIONS MEASUREMENT Size 22.5 x 8.25 Bolt Circle 11.25 Hub Bore Diameter 8.722 Bolt Hole Diameter 1.18 Max. Wheel Load1 7200 Wheel Weight 52 Outset2 6.66 Inset 5.68 Max. Inflation – cold 130 Valve Stem TR555D Stabilizer 2225 Dot is 1617, the tire have maybe 3k on them.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, Thank you wolfe, I'm looking into doing that right now. The Coach Is a 1999 American Eagle 40EVS with a spartan chassis. It has the IFS1200 front independent suspension and it does for sure have stud pilot wheels. In response to manholt the, GVWR is 31k Front GAWR is 12k Rear GAWR is 19k
  10. Hi Everyone, I just purchased my first class A motor home. I have been going through everything on it and realized that the prior owner has put 295/75 (22.5) tires on the coach. They are a year old Toyo M177. The coach originally came with 275/80 front and 275/70 rears. So I though to myself no biggie they are about an inch bigger and wider, who cares. So the coach came with accuride rims which need some polishing (i have the attention span of a gnat and polishing drives me insane). I have a background in trucking and have seen Alcoa make leaps in bounds in coating technologies for there wheels. I thought maybe i should just get a new set of wheels and never worry about having to polish them for a while. So I started looking what a set of new Alcoa's would cost. This is when I found an issue. The rims on the coach are 22.5x7.5 stud pilot. Alcoa doesn't make that wheels size with stud pilot? Everything they make is 22.5x8.25 SP (i could be mistaking) or bigger. So I started looking more into it and then realized that the tires on my coach are suppose to have 8.25-9.00 wide wheels. I am now a concerned that i could possibly have a tire failure because of this. Also my polishing the old rims option just flew out the window. I have an extensive background in automotive/truck performance and repair but never really took much time learning tire theory. I have plenty of clearance between the duals. The only issue that could possibly arise is side wall problems. Knowing what i have seen sidewalls go through on truck tires I think I might be overthinking it a little. If anyone has any experience with this or knowledge and advice would be much appreciated. PS: I already thought about calling Toyo, but being a product manger myself currently anything involving safety we are trained to say NO you cant do that
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